AlarmsOne Use Cases - 02 User Privileges

AlarmsOne Use Cases - 02 User Privileges


Kevin, the IT operations manager wants his team of 4 technicians to take care of the alerts from all the applications they use. He wants John to take care of Nagios alerts, Kumar to handle alerts from StatusCake, Priya to act on AppDynamics alerts, and Vijay to respond to Sumologic alerts.

He also appoints Susan as a co-ordinator and wants her to keep an eye on all the incident alerts from all the applications.


First, Kevin needs to setup an AlarmsOne account and then integrate all the applications with AlarmsOne. This can be done by following the steps here.

Next he needs to add his teammates in that account. Since he needs Susan to access all alerts, he should add Susan as an Alarm Admin. Alarm Admin has access to all applications, and can act on all the alerts.

Now, all the other four technicians have one app each. So, he needs to add them as Alarm Users. While doing so, AlarmsOne asks to give permission to access alerts from the integrated applications. Kevin needs to give each Alarm User the permission to access their respective application. John- Nagios, Kumar- StatusCake, Priya- AppDynamics, Vijay- Sumologic. The notification channels can be selected for each user by following the steps here.

Doing so, Kevin (SuperAdmin) and Susan (Alarm Admin) will be able to access alerts from all the integrated applications. John sees only Nagios alerts in his AlarmsOne account, Kumar receives only StatusCake alerts, Priya sees only AppDynamics alerts, and Vijay could access only Sumologic alerts.

Thus Kevin could assign different roles and manage alerts in a better way.

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