AlarmsOne Use Cases - 01 App integrations

AlarmsOne Use Cases - 01 App integrations

Scenario: Kevin is the IT operations manager in his company. His IT team has 3 technicians - John, Kumar, and Vijay to manage IT incidents.

They use the on-premise monitoring solution 'Nagios' to monitor network, cloud-based monitoring app 'StatusCake' to monitor website, 'AppDynamics' to monitor and manage applications, and 'Sumologic' to manage logs.

They receive 100s of alerts from each of these applications everyday, hence find it difficult to manage the incidents. Kevin also wants to keep track of all the alerts. But, he has to log into these applications separately to view the alerts. 

How can Kevin overcome this issue?

Solution: First, Kevin needs to setup an AlarmsOne account and add his teammates in that account so they can access the alerts. 

Then Kevin should integrate all the four applications they use with AlarmsOne by following the steps mentioned here. Once this is done, Kevin and his team can view alerts from all the four applications in the 'All Alarms' tab in AlarmsOne. 

The team can open, acknowledge, close, and delete the alerts from anywhere by logging into their AlarmsOne account. By this way, all the team members will be aware of the status of all the incident alerts, and can resolve incidents better.

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