Agent Scan FAILURE After Server Restore

Agent Scan FAILURE After Server Restore

Windows Server 2016
Microsoft SQL 2017
ServiceDesk 11.3 (Build 11309)
DesktopCenttral Agent 10.2.2137.2.W

Due to a failed update (Post #7401409) we had to uninstall, reinstall, and restore our ServiceDesk Server.
We have had to complete this process a couple of times over the years and it usually works well.

This time everything installed / restored properly and ServiceDesk came back up with one exception. We can no longer "Scan Now" our Windows devices (DesktopCentral Agent).

We deploy the DesktopCentral agent thu Windows AD GPO using these instructions$windows-agent
When trying to "Scan Now" an asset we get the message "FAILURE: Agent is not installed in the machine"

We were able to manually uninstall the DesktopCentral Agent and remove the directory C:\Program Files (x86)\DesktopCentral_Agent.
Upon reboot the computer installed the DesktopCentral Agent (AD GPO) and it appeared in ServiceDesk with the status of Scanned. When trying to "Scan Now" we now get the message "FAILURE: Scan already initiated for the given resource. Please check back later in 30 minutes."

Are there procedure or instructions on how to get the DesktopCentral Agent working again after a complete server install (or even a move to new hardware)?
I am guessing it will involve some form of uninstall and reinstall of the agent, but this is a bit difficult for 1000+ computers.

Any help in resolving this is appreciated.

-Peter Mastrangelo

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