Agent install key via API

Agent install key via API

I'm unable to get the agent to install when using an install key generated with the API.

Using postman I constructed the rest call and got a response with the install key.  I then copy/pasted it into the windows machine where the agent was unzipped.  Ran:  .\agentinstaller install [keyfrompostman]

But then the service does not stay running.  This is in the agent log:
:::Tue Mar 29 20:37:44 2022::: Going to Authenticate this Agent
:::Tue Mar 29 20:37:44 2022:::Agent cannot be authenticated by server,

I then went to the PMP portal, copied an install key from there, and ran the same command as above on the same machine.  Service installed and stayed running.  This was then in the log:

:::Tue Mar 29 20:55:29 2022::: Going to Authenticate this Agent
:::Tue Mar 29 20:55:29 2022:::Agent Authenticated

So it seems to me that the key generated by the API isn't valid.  Is there anyone using this API to generate install keys?  The generated key 'looks' valid as it is the same length as the one from the portal.  But it just does not work for me.


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