Advanced mail server security using OAuth authentication

Advanced mail server security using OAuth authentication

Hey there, a bit of news for you! You can now setup mail server settings in Mobile Device Manager Plus using OAuth authentication.

You might have already heard about this, but we're to explain the details. Both Microsoft and Google are deprecating the use of Basic Authentication. Which means, basic authentication using just a username and password will no longer be supported.

Instead, setting up mail server settings has to be done using OAuth authentication. We have enforced this to ensure advanced security while sending mail notifications from the Mobile Device Manager Plus server.

So here's how it works: When OAuth authentication is configured, 'access tokens' are used to allow restricted access to user's data. And this is done without using the user's credentials itself. To summarize, using OAuth authentication can help admins tackle security issues associated with basic authentication.

To learn more about how you can configure OAuth authentication in Mobile Device Manager Plus, check out this document.

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