ADSSP Dasboard view doesn't display desired information

ADSSP Dasboard view doesn't display desired information

The ADSSP dashboard by default only shows the current month Audit Reports (i.e. Reset password, Unlock accounts, change password, etc) 

However, there is no option provided for the Admins to make it show the total usage of it in the entire year. It only shows 1 month's detail.  

In order to get the real usage (total usage), it's a lot of manual work to extract it manually for each function. 
This isn't a good feature & functionality in the ADSSP application. 

ManageEngine should look into this and make the necessary changes in the next or future build updates to accommodate this. 

I had already recognized this flaw/disadvantage in ADSSP application months ago and reported it to the ADSSP Support technician. however, there is no update or any sign of this even being in progress.

Hence, I need to voice it out to hopefully get someone's attention from ManageEngine on this..

Hoping & awaiting some service and response from Team ManageEngine on this.

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