ADSelfService Plus now offers RSA REST API-integration and other enhancements

ADSelfService Plus now offers RSA REST API-integration and other enhancements

Hello Everyone,

We are glad to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6404.   


  1. REST API-based integration support has been provided for the RSA authenticator.

  2. The RSA authenticator now supports policy-based configuration.

  3. A Username Pattern has been introduced for RSA authentication to efficiently manage issues caused by multiple domains having similar usernames. 

 Issue Fixes 

  1. The ADSelfService Plus MFA connector for OWA MFA can now be installed  on Exchange servers which also act as domain controllers.

  2. An issue which prevented users from uploading their AD photo attribute using the directory self-update feature when the file extension of the image was in uppercase letters has been resolved.

  3. An issue that prevented password changes and resets using the ADSelfService Plus mobile site if the password contained a unicode character, despite the password policy mandating it, has now been fixed.

  4. An issue that prevented initial logins to machines using the manually-installed login agent when the ADSelfService Plus server was inaccessible, has now been fixed.

  5. A loading issue that domain technicians without a designated policy experienced while attempting to access ADSelfService Plus from AD360 has been fixed.

  6. An issue that prevented SMTP settings from being saved if the admin's display name had more than one space has now been fixed.

  7. An issue caused while configuring a high availability deployment of ADSelfService Plus with an external PostgreSQL database has now been fixed.

  8. An issue that prevented attachments with the .docs extension from being sent with emails from ADSelfService Plus has now been fixed.

  9. An issue that prevented the Mobile App Deployment page from loading when the domain name began with a numeral has now been fixed.

  10. An issue that caused the Access URL to revert to the hostname when an SSL certificate was applied has now been fixed.

  11. Issues with password changes and resets using the SHA-1 algorithm for the OpenLDAP and 389 Directory Server have now been fixed.

  12. An issue that caused the login agent to display a Server Unreachable error when  ADSelfService Plus had a context path configured has been fixed.

  13. An issue that caused incorrect search results to be displayed while searching for computers under the Conditional Access section has now been fixed.

  14. An issue that caused restricted users to consume licenses while attempting password resets or account unlocks from the self-service portal has now been fixed.

How do I update to this build?

Update using the service pack.


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