ADSelfService Plus' latest build 6201 released!

ADSelfService Plus' latest build 6201 released!

Hello everyone,

This is to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6201, with the following enhancements and issues fixed.


  • Mac Agent support has now been extended to macOS Monterey.
  • XLSX format is now supported for exporting reports.
  • An option to extend the portal session expiration duration to one day has now been provided.

Issues fixed:

  • Performance-related issues in User Reports, Restricted Users report, Password Expiration Notification, and Unrestrict Users scheduler have now been fixed.
  • A n issue that blocked the database query while sending enrollment push notifications has now been resolved.
  • An issue in VPN MFA when the configured MFA method was push notification has now been fixed.

How to update to this build?

Update using the service pack .


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ADSelfService Plus Team

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