ADSelfService Plus' latest build 6200 released!

ADSelfService Plus' latest build 6200 released!

Hello everyone,


This is to announce the release of ADSelfService Plus' latest build, 6200, with some issue fixes.


Issues fixed:

  • The communication between the Password Sync Agent and the ADSelfService Plus server has now been secured with the inclusion of an access key (CVE-2021-37423) . For more information, refer to our security advisory page.

  • An issue which exposed the username information in the request URL sent to the ADSelfService Plus server upon successful IdP authentication has now been fixed.

  • An issue where the embedded employee search option was not displaying the desired results has now been resolved.

  • To enhance security, the Spring JAR files used in the product have now been updated to version 5.3.18.

Note : If you are already using the Password Sync Agent and wish to upgrade to build 6200, you must reinstall the Password Sync Agent to ensure proper functioning of the agent. Click here for the Password Sync Agent installation steps.


How to update to this build?

Update using the   service pack .


New to ADSelfService Plus?

Download   the fully functional 30-day free trial now.


Have any questions or suggestions? Let us know in the comments section.



ADSelfService Plus Team

      New to ADSelfService Plus?


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