ADSelfService Plus feature highlights from 2021

ADSelfService Plus feature highlights from 2021

Season's greetings!


With 2021 nearing its end, we are writing to take you through the top features introduced in ADSelfService Plus that make it a more comprehensive self-service password management, MFA, and SSO solution. Here are some of the major ADSelfService Plus features released this year:

MFA for OWA: ADSelfService Plus has introduced MFA for OWA and Exchange Server logins to help secure enterprise email from unauthorized access.

OAuth and OpenID Connect SSO: SSO can now be enabled for any enterprise application that supports OAuth and OpenID Connect protocols along with SAML.

Support for Azure AD MFA: The MFA feature now supports two new secure authentication methods—Azure AD MFA and Zoho OneAuth TOTP—thereby providing more flexibility in MFA configurations to fit specific organizational preferences.

Passwordless authentication: ADSelfService Plus and other SSO-enabled applications can now be accessed using advanced authentication methods such as biometrics, YubiKey, and Google Authenticator without having to enter a password.


We also have the following features in the pipeline for release this year:

  • MFA support when the ADSelfService Plus server is offline or unavailable.

  • MFA for computer objects.


Check out the other enhancements made to ADSelfService Plus. For any assistance with implementing the above features or for any other product-related questions, please reach out to us at

How to update your build to get the latest features?

You can update to the latest build using the service pack. Instructions on how to install the service pack are also given on the page.

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