ADSelfService Plus 6103 released !!!

ADSelfService Plus 6103 released !!!

Hello Everyone! 

We are glad to announce the release of build 6103 with significant new features and enhancements.

  • Zoho OneAuth's OTP authenticator can be used as an MFA method to verify users' identities during password reset and account unlock actions, ADSelfService Plus logins, and machines and VPN logins.
  • The Linux login agent now supports Ubuntu version 20.x.
  • The password synchronization with OpenLDAP now supports the Extended Password modify operation - (RFC-3062).
  • SAML assertion attributes have been introduced to allow admins to configure the specific attributes that have to be included in the SAML response token sent to the service provider by ADSelfService Plus to prove a user's identity.
Issue fixes:
  • For SAP NetWeaver password sync, the unlock account functionality is now restricted for accounts that were locked or disabled by the admins.
  • An issue with configuring the Select Duration setting for scheduled reports has been fixed.
  • An issue with generating reports using the Operator technician role has been fixed.
How to update?
Update using the service pack.

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