ADSelfService Plus 6012 Release

ADSelfService Plus 6012 Release

Hello everyone,

We are glad to announce the release of build 6012 with the following features, enhancements and issue fixes:

  • MFA backup codes for authentication: Users can now prove their identity using backup codes when they cannot access the enrolled MFA authenticators or their mobile devices used for authentication. These backup codes can be generated by both users and the admins, and used for identity verification during machine and VPN logins, self-service actions, and ADSelfService Plus portal logins.
  • Custom Time-based One-time Passcode (TOTP) Authenticator Support: Admins can now configure any TOTP authenticator [Eg: Symantec VIP Access, FortiToken, Free-OTP, etc] as per organizational usage to verify users' identities during password reset and account unlock actions, and ADSelfService Plus, machines and VPN logins.

  • Smart card multi-factor authentication: Smart card authentication will now be available as an authenticator in multi-factor authentication for ADSelfService Plus web portal login.
  • ADSelfService Plus has been upgraded from two-factor authentication to multi-factor authentication for machine (Windows, macOS, and Linux), VPN and product logins.
  • Admins can now link domain user accounts based on any attribute of choice with the Duo accounts for multi-factor authentication.
  • Idle time limit during multi-factor authentication can be configured for machine, VPN, and product logins.
Issue Fixes:
  • During user identity verification through SMS and email verification codes, the drop-down menu at the end-users portal will prioritize the mail/mobile values added by the end-user during enrollment over those stored in Active Directory.
  • The time taken to load Change Password tab has been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented including more than 10 mail addresses in the Admin Mail Address field under Mail Settings.
  • While logging into ADSelfService Plus through SAML single sign-on, it is now possible to use any authentication technique provided by the identity provider (Okta, OneLogin). Password authentication is not mandatory.
How to update?
Update using the service pack.

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