ADmanager Plus with Workday

ADmanager Plus with Workday

We're doing some implementation and testing with ADMP and Workday (HCM and Student), and need to know if ADMP can connect to a single Tenant, but multiple modules?

For example: at the end of the implementation project, both HCM and Student Workday user data will be housed in the same final tenant ( We need to be able to query/create users that are employees (HCM) or students (Workday Student). 

Is this possible? I've got ADMP connected to the implementation instance of HCM, but cannot see Student data (probably because that is on a different tenant).

Basically, can the Workday Endpoint URL point to something like "" and see HCM and Student data? Or will we have to have multiple ADMP servers set up, one that points to "" and one that points to ""?

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