ADManager Plus fixes and enhancements for build 6292 and 6300

ADManager Plus fixes and enhancements for build 6292 and 6300

Version 6.3 Build 6300 (May 2015):

New Features:

OU (organizational unit) Management provides the ability to perform the following tasks via ADManager Plus:

  • Create OUs
  • Modify OUs
  • Move OUs
  • Delete OUs

OU management also offers:

  • Bulk creation and management of OUs via CSV import
  • Customizable OU creation templates which allow you to fine tune the OU creation process to exactly meet your organizational demands
  • The ability to create a new parent OU, and then create the required OUs inside it.

Report from CSV: This report helps in viewing the Active Directory information of existing user and computer accounts. You can import the list of desired users and computers from a CSV file into ADManager Plus, which then extracts and displays the Active Directory details of those accounts.

This report also features an option to refine its result based on specific attributes mentioned in the CSV file; you can also customize the report by choosing the specific fields (columns) that you wish to view in the result.

Exchange ActiveSync Policy Management allows you to assign the appropriate ActiveSync policies for users, right while creating new accounts for them in Active Directory and MS Exchange Server. You can apply the ActiveSync policies while creating new user accounts in single and also in bulk.

Exchange Archive (online and on-premise) Management offers the flexibility to create archive mailboxes for users either on the cloud or on premises. Using this feature you can create archive mailboxes for users simultaneously while creating their Active Directory accounts and Exchange mailboxes; you can also enable archiving for those users who already have Exchange mailboxes.


ADManager Plus now automatically synchronizes itself with the details of OUs and contact objects that are created or modified in Active Directory. This synchronization happens periodically throughout the day. Whenever needed, you can also manually synchronize the details of:

  • All new and modified OUs and contact objects in Active Directory using the update dashboard (in Dashboard) and update domain objects (in Domain Settings) options.
  • Only the modified/updated OUs and contact objects in Active Directory using the refresh option (in Select Container popup window while selecting the OUs for management and reporting).

Active Directory reporting has been enhanced with:

  • Addition of: add to group, remove from group and move objects, to the list of management tasks that can be performed from reports, via the 'More Actions' option present in them.
  • A revamped UI (layout) in reports for viewing the report results (objects fetched by the report)
  • Performance improvements for faster report generation

The report scheduler features a 'Run Now' option to allow ad-hoc execution of any existing report schedule.


  • 'HttpOnly' setting has been enabled to fix security vulnerabilities.
  • Database cleanup issue is now fixed.
  • Issue in applying Exchange mailbox retention policy has been corrected.
  • SSL v3 has been disabled to guard against security vulnerabilities.
  • Issue in displaying entries under Titles and Departments (located in Admin Tab) in sorted order while adding new entries to the list is now fixed.
  • Reports will now be adjusted (re-sized) to printable format while exporting them.
  • Group members report's group selection popup window now allows removal of all the selected groups at once.

Version 6.2 Build 6292 (April 2015):


ADSSP - ADMP Workflow Integration has enhanced ability to approve ADSSP Reset/Unlock Workflow Request

Issue fixes:

1. Product Crash on generating Query based DL reports
2. Unable to display mailbox stores,
      Mailbox stores are not displayed when there are unicode characters in the mailbox display name in 
      a. Mailbox Migration under Bulk user Modification 

      b. Create or archive User Mailbox

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