ADManager Plus fixes and enhancements for build 6110 and 6200

ADManager Plus fixes and enhancements for build 6110 and 6200

Build 6200 (April 2014)

New Features:

MS Office 365 Support

  • Support added for provisioning of user accounts in Microsoft Office 365.

Lync Management and Reporting

  • You can now modify policies such as conferencing, archiving and telephony, associated with a specific Lync User.
  • Option to enable, disable or delete a user from the Lync Server control panel included.
  • Reports for Lync Enabled as well as LCS or OCS enabled users included.
  • Reporting capabilities added for Lync disabled users.

Exchange Policy Settings

  • You can now apply Exchange 2010/2013 policy settings such as sharing, role assignment, retention, UM Policy and policies on ActiveSync to appropriate mailboxes.


  • Option to enable mailbox archiving.
  • Enhanced support for localization and internationalization.


  • Exchange features enhanced to support enabling and disabling of ActiveSync (2010,2013) / User Initiated Synchronization(2003) and MAPI Protocol.
  • Multiple 'OS selection' enabled under OS based reports.
  • Reset Password option under Bulk User Modification enhanced. Separate delegation included for actions under the same.
  • Delegated actions under 'Bulk User Modification' will hence be displayed based on the domain selection.
  • Single User Modification templates enhanced to include 'Home Folder' Permissions
  • Option to set custom attributes included under modification rules for 'Single user' and 'Single Contact' modification
  • Language settings for the product can now be configured in 'Personalize' Page.


  • Issue in setting custom period at the time of scheduling audit reports fixed.
  • Issue in handling special characters at the time of displaying object properties in AD Explorer corrected.
  • Issue in clearing 'memberOf' attribute, post unchecking it in Bulk User Modification resolved.
  • Issue in user identification at the time of modifying 'Deliver' options in Bulk User Modification handled.
  • In 'Permission for folders' report, issue in selecting a computer object under an OU name containing special characters corrected.
  • Issue at the time of creating a department fixed. Leading white space trimmed.
  • Issue in using 'Random Password' type in custom script resolved.
  • Issue in creating groups with pre windows 2000 name greater than 20 characters fixed.
  • Issue in naming reports, exported in XLS format corrected.
  • Issue in displaying groups at the time of domain change resolved.

Build 6180 (March 2014)

New Features:

  • Logon Hours Configuration: This new option in single user creation feature enables you to specify the appropriate time period for a user to login. You can configure the 'logon hours' attribute at the time of creating a new user account.
  • Enhanced data selection popups: You can now select the number of accounts to be showed in the pop-ups & display the matching objects even as you type the name in the search box. With this new feature, selecting required accounts for any management or reporting operation will be easier and more convenient.
  • Improved delivery restriction feature, in bulk user modification, now allows you to set the desired size limit for sending or receiving emails either in KB or MB, as required.

Issue Fixes:

  • Issue in viewing the 'users in groups' report in Excel 2013 format, has been addressed
  • Issue with Help desk technicians enabling/disabling users via 'single user modification' in specific scenarios resolved
  • Issue in creating mail enabled users in non-English Exchange environment handled.
  • Naming format fields sometimes not being displayed as per the specified naming-format at the time of new user creation has been corrected

Build 6170 (January 2014)

New Features:

  • Logon Hours Configuration: Set/modify the desired logon hours for your users, in bulk, by just pointing and clicking on the required time slots in the user-interface. You can even specify unique logon hours for each day of the week or set the same logon hours for all days, instantly.
  • Enriched HDT Audit Reports: The HDT audit reports now also provide in-depth information about all the attributes that are modified by the helpdesk technicians, in two different views: the standard view and the summary view. While the standard view offers complete details about each and every attribute modified, the summary view provides a high level view of the actions performed.
  • Manage Users' Group Membership via iPhone App: This new feature empowers you to manage the group memberships of your users from anywhere, anytime. Using the enhanced iPhone app, you can now add users to group, remove them from a group and even set primary groups for multiple users, at one go, even when you are on the move, right from your mobile phones.


  • Manager Can Update Group members Option included in Group Modification with that Option.
  • Hide / Display Password option included in Admin server settings.
  • 'Move home folder' feature significantly enhanced to include an option to either delete or retain the existing home folder.

Issue Fixes:

  • Issue in Real last logon and Inactive Users report generation due to high number of DCs addressed.
  • Issue in Modifying the Account Expiry Time resolved.
  • Problems with selection of child OUs with special characters in IE handled.
  • Issue in removing the description of computer object handled.
  • Issue in modifying a user's primary group using mobile app has been fixed.
  • Issue of difference in time at the time of exporting 'Inactive users' report corrected.
  • Fixed issues in copying User Modification Templates with modification rules.
  • Issue in Email validation at the time of saving scheduled reports cleared.
  • Creating Groups with more than 20 characters made possible.
  • Lync Server display issue fixed.
  • employeeID attribute can now be used to disable users through Automation.
  • Issue in Server Permission Report generation resolved.

Build 6151 (October 2013) & Service Pack 6.1 SP 6.2 (January 2014)

New Features:

  • Lync 2010/2013 support: With this new component of ADManager Plus's user creation templates, you can configure all the appropriate Lync server settings for your users even as you create new accounts for them. While Lync makes intra-organizational communication swift, the new user creation templates make even the process of configuring / enabling intra-organizational communication equally swift.
  • Exchange Server 2013 support: You can now configure user mailboxes in Exchange Server 2013 and apply the appropriate mailbox policies required to govern them as well; use all the latest features and advantages innate to Exchange 2013 and make your Exchange mailbox management efficient and top of the line.
  • 'Drag-n-Drop' Customization in user creation templates to fine tune the process of creating new user accounts to fit your organizational policies and requirements to a T; make any attribute mandatory, read-only or even hidden as per your needs or based on the technician to whom you will be assigning the user creation template.


  • LCS/OCS/Lync configuration in user creation template: The user creation console will now have a separate tab exclusively to configure all the appropriate settings to enable instant communication in your organization. This feature will enable you to specify the appropriate value for LCS/OCS and even Lync Server settings from the same screen.
  • Exchange 2010 Policies Support: You can now configure Exchange mailboxes for the new user accounts that you are provisioning and also apply the appropriate policies at the same time using this feature.
  • Revamped 'Avoid Duplication' feature to check for duplication of critical/specific attributes at the desired level (OU / Domain /Forest) and perform the appropriate operation to avoid duplicate values.
  • Enhancements in 'User Modification Templates':
    • Updates to organization attributes (Title, Department, Offices and Companies) in 'Admin' tab will reflect in user modification templates that have been already created.
    • 'Member Of' attribute has been added to 'Modification Rules' component in user modification templates.
    • Delete users' existing group membership information during the modification process.
    • Unlock user accounts via templates during user modification process.
    • Recursive naming formats will now be supported in users' description and custom attributes.
    • Execute a custom script on successful modification of a user account.
    • Move users' to a different container during user modification process.

Issue Fixes:

  • Polish characters not exported in PDF format.
  • Additional email address attribute in 'group creation template'.
  • Hiding the new password generated during single user modification.
  • Issues in Cleanup scheduler.
  • Issues in authorizing HDTs for 'Move Home Folder' action.

Highlights of Previous Releases

ADManager Plus announces iPhone app for Active Directory User Management.

The App enables on the move  management of Active Directory user accounts. The iPhone App provides some of the crucial & important functionalities offered by the product itself, such as :

  • Password resets
  • Unlocking user accounts
  • Disabling accounts
  • Enabling accounts
  • Deleting accounts

You can download the App using this link:

Build 6140 (September 2013)


  • The scheduler has been enhanced to accommodate more accurate time frequencies.
  • 'Select only the appended objects from the file’ option has been added to help choose only the appended data while importing records through iterations from a CSV.
  • Filters in AD reports have been enhanced to drill down to the specifics of reported data; Reports can now be filtered based on attributes such as  Primary Group, WhenChanged, whenCreated, DisplayName, Account Expires, Bad Password Time, Lockout Time, Last Logon Time, Last Logon Timestamp, Bad Pwd count, and Pwd status.

Issue Fixes:

  1. Issue in setting “Deny” permissions over a mailbox during Bulk User Modification has been fixed.
  2. Issue in creating Mailbox on Exchange Server 2007 when installed on Windows server 2012 has been fixed.
  3. Issue in modifying primary SMTP address has been fixed; the primary mail address in the additional mail address list will now be replaced with the newly modified address.
  4. Issue in using configured custom attribute in CSV while creating or modifying users via automation has been fixed.

Build 6131 (August 2013)

New Features:

  • ADManager Plus Android App enables your Active Directory Administrators and Helpdesk Technicians to Access/Manage the user accounts in your Active Directory environment right from their mobile devices. Some of the major features are,
    • Reset Password
    • Unlock User Accounts
    • Enable User Accounts
    • Disable User Accounts
    • Delete User Accounts
  • ADManager Plus Group Templates standardize the group creation process. These templates store values and formats that are applied automatically across all the group objects that are created using these templates.
  • The drag-and-drop option in Group Creation Templates helps customize templates as per organizational needs to display or hide the specific tabs or attributes as required.


  • The UI for Single group creation is now more flexible and user friendly with the fields categorized under General, Group and Exchange tabs.
  • 'Managed by' field added to single group creation can be used to designate managers for the groups.

Issue Fixes:

  • Issues in configuring HDT, when many templates, OUs and roles are assigned to him, have been fixed.
  • Issue in importing 'UTF-8' format files in Automation and Workflow during user creation/modification (using CSVs) has been fixed.
  • Browser issue (IE) that occurs when the number of objects chosen in 'delegate security role-step 1'  is huge, has been fixed.
  • The resultant page that occurs after 'user creation using CSV' will no longer have export option issues in Firefox.
  • Local groups will no longer be displayed in the 'add members' options under Universal distribution group creation/modification.

Build 6120 (July 2013)



  • The actions list has been enhanced. Modify Users by CSV, Add To Group, Remove From Group actions have now been added.
  • Option to enforce "user must change password at next logon" in reset Password action has been provided.
  • Filters have been introduced in library of reports for accurate results.

Reset password console

  • A Quick visibility into User's account lock out status while trying to reset password from the reset password console.

Naming formats

  • Option in Naming Formats to define replacement characters for 'umlaut accent' has been provided.

Employee Search

  • Configuration for multiple domains in employee search.
  • Export as PDF, excel, html and CSV options for results from 'employee search'.
  • Options for attribute-based user/contact search have been improved.

Issue fixes:

  • 'A HDT without permissions to generate a report can do so from the dashboard when report count is zero' issue has been fixed.
  • Special characters issue in HDT role name has been fixed.
  • Issue in restoring users when parent OU has been deleted is now fixed. Users will be restored in the 'users container'.
  • Issue in clearing 'show in Address book attribute', when you uncheck hide from address lists option in single group modification has been fixed.
  • UAC value issue while creating normal accounts through bulk user creation has been fixed.

Build 6110 (July 2013)


  • The value selected by the technicians for 'Show Rows' option, in all the features that it is available, will now be saved.
  • Delete groups option is now available in 'Groups without Members' report also.


  • 'OS Based Report' will now have the operating system of the customer environment also in the OS list.
  • Deleted computers showing up in computer selection pop-up windows issue is fixed.
  • Distribution Groups created with '#' in their name throwing up 'Properties on this object have invalid data' error when opened in Exchange Management Console is fixed.
  • Mismatch in 'password expiry date' in Real Last Logon report for those users for whom PSO has been applied is fixed.
  • Reset Password feature will now display the new passwords generated as '**********' instead of the actual passwords in the result.
  • 'OU' option not working in the 'Advance Filter' of Real Last Logon report in IE Compatibility mode is fixed now.