Add attachments to email

Add attachments to email


We are testing out ADManager Plus and we are happy about it so far!
The only thing I'm missing is adding attachments to notification emails.

When specific users are being created, we need to send an welcome email (which works fine) but we need to attach a manual to the email.
I also tried this using a PowerShell script but the arguments that need to be passed (email, username and password) do not seem to be passed (they are empty).

  1. powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -file C:\Scripts\WelcomeMail.ps1 '%username%' '%email%' '%password%'
Trying to call the above using $args[0], $args[1] and $args[2] in the PowerShell script but they are all empty.

Also tried the below and calling them with $NewUsername, $NewEmail and $NewPassword but are also empty.
  1. powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -file C:\Scripts\WelcomeMail.ps1 -NewUsername '%username%' -NewEmail '%email%' -NewPassword '%password%'

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