ADAudit server migration procedure

ADAudit server migration procedure



I’m migrating a client's ADAudit Plus installation from their current server to a new one with an updated operating system (windows server 2019/2022) and I need to confirm the procedure to accomplish this migration. In summary, my execution plan is the following:


  1. Install the same ADAudit Plus build version on the new server.
  2. Stop the application service in the old server and take a backup of the database using the BackupDB.bat command.
  3. Copy the files generated in the previous step (EZIP file and event data folder) and restore the data in the new server executing the RestoreDB.bat and RestoreEventTables.bat commands.
  4. Copy and paste in the same location the folder titled 'patch' from the old server to the new one.
  5. Copy and paste in the same location the customer-config.xml file from the old server to the new one.
  6. Copy and paste in the same location the apps folder from the old server to the new one.


I gathered all this procedure after analyzing the instructions in the following link: Backup and restore | ManageEngine ADAudit Plus


Things that worry me:

  • I’m not sure if by using this procedure all the configuration related with certificate/HTTPS protocol/ciphers are not going to be correctly migrated to the new server.
  • In the following community thread, DataEngine problem after migration to new server. (, someone reported an issue with the DataEngine service after migration. I want to make sure that I avoid the same problem.


I would like you to assist me to confirm that the instructions explained before are the right ones. If you find something else that needs to be assessed feel free to add it. If you need more information about the installation, please let me know to provide it.



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