ADAudit Plus Latest Fixes and Enhancements

ADAudit Plus Latest Fixes and Enhancements

Build 6000 (April 2019)

New features

  • Faster search and retrieval of file audit data with ADAudit Plus' all new DataEngine.
  • Smoothen out log collection over WAN connections with the ability to deploy a client-side software agent.
  • Get status reports and instant alerts on the current working state of ADAudit Plus to ensure round-the-clock availability.
  • Copy alert profiles and scheduled report templates to quicken creating customized reports and alerts.


  • Active Directory risk assessment reports have been added to Analytics.
  • Track rename activity of user/computer/groups.
  • Regex support has been provided for file exclude patterns.
  • While creating email and SMS alert profiles, the mailing list can be set based on multiple variables (eg. caller username, SID, etc).
  • New CSRF tokens are implemented for every user session.
  • A custom LDAP query can now be added to filter data in custom reports.


  • The issue with downloading XLSX files from the scheduled reports' directory listing has been fixed.
  • All requests (including images, JS & CSS files) now pass through a security filter.
  • The 'add objects' pop up in 'Alert Profiles' failed to list workstations, which has now been fixed.
  • Ipv6 addresses can now be resolved to get machine names.
  • Occurrences of missing printer audit data fields have been fixed.

Build 5120 (October 2018)


  • Now forward audit data from your cloud directory to your SIEM solution.
  • Define alert thresholds based on multiple event fields.
  • Suppress redundant alerts from specific accounts for definable time intervals.
  • You can now save a custom LDAP query while choosing users in the alert filter.
  • Event fields can now be included in SMS alerts.
  • Support for other AD object changes in profile based reports and custom reports.
  • Define and choose from multiple business hour configurations on the go.


  • The unauthenticated proxy server issue is fixed.
  • While scheduling reports, a 'don't send empty report' checkbox is now included so that empty zip files are not sent when checkbox is enabled.
  • While configuring an alert, if a domain user is selected from the add more tab, the email address field is not left empty.
  • In custom reports, the exception issue while adding GPO and group management reports is fixed.
  • Technician audit logs now show both logon success and logon failure events for domain accounts.

Build 5110 (June 2018)

This build has included the following enhancements to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • Users will be prompted for consent while integrating with third party applications.
  • Password protection for exported reports, database backup, and archived audit data ZIP files.
  • Database access via command prompt or client tool is secured with a password.
  • Report export actions are audited.
  • Sensitive information such as email server and email addresses are masked in the User Interface.
  • New GDPR compliance reports and alert templates are included.
  • Permission to export reports can now be defined for technician roles.

Build 5100 (April 2018)

  • Active Directory User behaviour analytics.
  • ADFS 4.0 support.
  • Forward logs to ArcSight - CEF format support.
  • Alert and custom reports filter enhanced.
  • Security enhancements.

Version 5.0.0 (5051) Build - Dec 2017:

  • Receive alerts via SMS.
  • Improved data collection performance for print servers.
  • Alert e-mails now contain a link to the alert profile.
  • Default setting for server audit is set to "all computer objects" for a simplified view.
  • Support for Arabic characters while exporting to a PDF.



  • Configure ADAudit Plus to collect data from Azure Active Directory via proxy credentials.
  • Export issue pertaining to data fields containing "," in PostgreSQL is fixed.

Version 5.0.0 (5050) Build - Oct 2017:


  • Azure AD auditing.
  • User attendance - new report.
  • LDAP authentication auditing.
  • Workgroup servers can be audited now.


  • A comprehensive search feature encompassing reports, help, configuration pages etc., [ Video ]
  • LAPS - New report when passwords are viewed through the "attribute editor tab"
  • ADFS auditing(OAuth support).


  • Advanced GPO alerts configured for "All GPOs" will not work for newly created GPO.
  • Scripts does not gets triggered for GPO alerts.

Version 5.0.0 (5041) Build - Jul 2017:


  • Audit EMC Isilon.
  • Execute scripts to customize alert response.
  • Get reports on computer startup & shutdown.


  • Analyze logon failures similar to analyzing account lockouts.


  • Chart issue under 'Profile Based Reports' fixed.
  • 'Profile Based Reports' visible for technicians also.

Version 5.0.0 (5031) Build - Mar 2017:


  • Forward logs to syslog or SIEM servers.
  • Support for LDAP over SSL.
  • Reports from archives can be exported to PDF/CSV.
  • Audit Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services(ADLDS).
  • Audit Local Administrator Password Solution(LAPS).


  • Create custom alert profiles directly from reports with a single click.
  • Export to PDF/CSV formats 10 times faster.
  • In custom reports, time series chart supports monthly/yearly time periods.


Version 5.0.0 (5020) Build - Dec 2016:


  • Active Directory Federation Services [ADFS] Auditing.


  • Elaborate disk information provided in "Admin" pages.
  • "Jump To" delegate option for technicians handled.

Version 5.0.0 (5010) Build - Nov 2016:


  • Account Lockout Analyzer now analyzes OWA/ActiveSync for lockout reason.
  • User idle time calculation [Beta]


  • Support for home page charts on-demand refresh.

  • Schedule Reports - "View Reports" link gets hidden on a particular date format.

Version 5.0.0 (5000) Build - Aug 2016:


  • Powerful Search, Reports on Archives


  • Advanced filters for Alerts
  • Terminal Gateway Server Audit added to Custom Reports
  • Advanced Search in reports
  • Copy Custom Report feature

  • Spanning multiple IE instances in the background during service start
  • Schedule reports - business hours issue

Version 5.0.0 (4693) Build - May 2016:


  • Support for Remote Desktop Gateway Server audit


  • Set default time period for every report

  • License corruption - product converts itself to free edition
  • Vulnerability fixes

Version 5.0.0 (4691) Build - March 2016:


  • Configure cross-domain technicians in ADAudit Plus.
  • Create custom reports for File Integrity, Printer Auditing, Server audit categories etc.

  • Bulk email configuration for alert profiles.
  • Configuring username/password with special characters.
  • Restore archive events page navigation issues.

Version 5.0.0 (4690) Build - Feb 2016:


  • New Flat user interface
  • Complete alert email customization.
  • List archive files that contain data for date range while generating report.
  • Custom reports - Share based filter issue - fixed.
  • Roles associated with technicians can be deleted - fixed.
  • Special character support - username/password in mail server settings.

Version 4.6.0 (4685) Build - November 2015:

*New: NetApp Cluster support - File Auditing

*New: Track NTLM events

*Improved: Last 'N' Period support for reports

*Improved: Customize Charts in reports

*Fixed: Security fixes and enhancements

*Fixed: Report on deleted files using "Shift+Del" in FIM

*Fixed: Performance improvements

*Fixed: Adding objects with special characters to Report Profiles

Version 4.6.0 (4681) Build - August 2015:

*New: Technician delegation and auditing

*Improved: Search object activities has been extended to groups and computers in addition to the existing user object

*Improved: Export option for aggregate reports now available for the whole dashboard and the object search window

*Fixed: GPO & Advanced GPO zip creation fixed

*Fixed: Excluding objects issue fixed in Configuration audit

*Fixed: CSV & PDF export issue fixed in non-English versions

*Fixed: SQL injection vulnerability in Alerts tab

*Fixed: Quick Search fixed in few reports

*Fixed: Search option above the Reports listing

*Fixed: Popup issue through AD360

*Fixed: Network share modified report issue

*Fixed: In configure technicians via OU / Group, user removal from group / OU handled

*Fixed: Handled domain names with special characters

*Fixed: Fixed export report chart name alignment issue

Version 4.6.0 (4671) Build - June 2015:

*New: Aggregate reports.

*New: Search activities based on username.

*Improved: 'Reset to Default Columns' option is now available for profile based reports too.

*Improved: Performance enhancements for faster report loading.

*Fixed: Issues related to fetching user/computer/group moved report (MS SQL db) have been fixed.

*Fixed: Issues related to GPO Link Changes report (MS SQL & MYSQL) have been fixed.

Version 4.6.0 (4662) Build - March 2015:

*Improved:  File Auditing-  view IP or computer name from where the file was accessed.

*Improved:  File Auditing-  view the changed file / folder properties (SACL / DACL / General) from the reports.

*Improved: User names will now be displayed for events done across domains (SID info from Global Catalog).

*Improved: User names now reported on AD activities using Exchange Management Console (EMC).

*Improved: Separate reports for file move and file rename.

*Improved: Report File Creation via event logs (Optional, Default: Snapshot comparison).

*Fixed: MS Office documents modification reported properly.

*Fixed: Select all in add users / computers.

*Fixed: User Object History report - All group activities involving users are now reported.

*Fixed: "Domain Settings" page empty and "Domain Already exists" fixed.

*Fixed: Enable disabled Servers for event collection after applying a valid license based on last event time.

Version 4.6.0 (4661) Build - January 2015:

*New: Create and manage custom reports.

*Improved: Track share activity in configured Member Servers / Domain Controllers.

*Improved: Reports filtered with a search query can be saved for a quick view.

*Improved: Improved product security.

*Improved: Configurable event collection mode - Real-time / Scheduled collection.

*Improved: Audit OU based user / computer / group creation.

*Fixed: Issue while sending alerts when time zone is configured.

*Fixed: Printer name with non-English characters can be configured.

*Fixed: Issue while selecting all objects in report generation.

Version 4.6.0 (4652) Build - October 2014:

*Fixed : Evtemp performance issue fixed.

*Fixed : Schedule report delete issue fixed.

Version 4.6.0 (4651) Build - October 2014:

*New : Real time auditing for Active Directory.

*Fixed : Audit reports for (users, groups, computers, OUs) which are moved.

*Fixed : Report - User services (Know the configured services across computers with user names).

*Fixed : Automatic audit policy configuration for trusted domain.

*Fixed : Delete history of scheduled reports periodically.

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