AD360 High Availability missing functionality

AD360 High Availability missing functionality

Hi AD360 Team,

The following AD360 documents released/provided by ManageEngine were referred:

To setup HA for AD360:
High˜ Availability Configuration Guide (

To setup AD360 as Reverse Proxy:
Using AD360 as a reverse proxy server (
Setting up a reverse proxy for ADSelfService Plus using AD360 (

After referring the above documents,  it's clear that ManageEngine even recommends AD360 as Reverse Proxy must be placed in DMZ.

As best practice and also as a Security measure, the DMZ servers should not be added as members to the existing Active Directory Domain.

So for 2 servers having AD360 installed on them, which are in Workgroup, configuring HA is not possible. Due to the lack of this, this makes it possible to have only 1 server with AD360 server acting as a Reverse Proxy. This also means we end up with a Single point of failure (SPOF) 

So if this 1 AD360 server goes down, the rest of the applications integrated in it would be inaccessible.

How is this to be overcome/solved by ManageEngine? 

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