AD360 Fixes and Enhancements [2022]

AD360 Fixes and Enhancements [2022]

Release notes for build 4309 (Oct 12, 2022)

Important update:
  • Third-party requirement for NTLMv2 SSO: To enable NTLMv2 SSO for ManageEngine AD360 and the integrated components in builds 4309 and above, you will have to manually download the Jespa JAR file and add it to the product's lib folder. For more information, click here .
  • Note for customers who are on build 4308 or lower: If you have already enabled NTLMv2 SSO, you can continue using the feature and no further actions are needed.
  • AD360 now allows you to configure your mail server using SMTP (Basic or OAuth authentication) or using your mail service provider’s API.

Release notes for build 4308 (Sep 05, 2022)

  • SharePoint Manager Plus integration: Manage, audit, and secure your on-premises and SharePoint Online environments by integrating SharePoint Manager Plus with AD360.
  • JRE update: JRE which comes bundled with the product has been updated to version 1.8.0_282.

Release notes for build 4306 (Jul 15, 2022)

  • New 2FA methods: You can now use Microsoft Authenticator and any Time-based One-Time Password (TOTP) authenticator as a secondary authentication factor to verify users’ identities during login.

Release notes for build 4305 (Jun 24, 2022)

  • Audit-ready compliance reports: You can now generate predefined and audit-ready reports for the following compliance regulations.

    • PCI DSS
    • GDPR
    • CCPA
    • FISMA
    • POPIA
    • HIPAA
    • SOX
    • GPG
    • CMMC

Release notes for build 4304 (May 18, 2022)

  • In-product push notifications: AD360 will notify users about issue fixes, patch availability, and other essential updates through in-app banners.
Issue fixes:
  • Minor issues were fixed to improve the stability of the product.

Release notes for build 4303 (Feb 3, 2022)

Issue Fixes:
  • Some minor issues have been fixed.

Release notes for build 4302 (Jan 19, 2022)

Issue Fixes:
  • A local privilege escalation vulnerability reported by Lukasz through our bug bounty program has been fixed by changing the default installation path to C:\Program Files\ManageEngine and by removing unnecessary product file permissions. Existing customers can refer this guide to remove the unnecessary product file permissions for AD360. If you wish to migrate the existing installation directory to C:\Program Files , please contact the AD360 support team.
  • Log4j dependency in AD360 has been removed to ensure security. Customers who have enabled or would like to enable RSA SecurID configuration for TFA, read this forum post to know how to manually update the latest authapi.jar file and its corresponding Log4j JAR files.

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