AD360 Fixes and Enhancements [2019]

AD360 Fixes and Enhancements [2019]

Release notes for build 4224 (Dec 13, 2019)

What's new:
  • Few minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Release notes for build 4223 (Oct 3, 2019)

  • REST API support: Use HTTP GET and POST methods to read and update domain, proxy, and mail server settings configured in AD360.
  • IP-based API and product URL restriction: Allow access to APIs and product URLs to individual IPs or only a specific range of IP addresses.
Issue Fixed:
  • Issue faced by certain users in backing up MS SQL database configured in AD360.
  • A few minor issues.

Release notes for build 4222 (Sep 2, 2019)

  • Implemented security measures to prevent CSRF attacks.

Release notes for build 4220 (Aug 7, 2019)

Issues Fixed:
  • Some minor issues have been fixed.

Release notes for build 4219 (Jul 26,2019)

  • SAML-based SSO for login: Allow users to log into AD360 easily by setting up single sign-on through SAML-based third-party identity providers such as Okta, OneLogin, PingIdentity and AD FS.
  • LDAPS can now be enabled or disabled individually for each AD domain.
Issue Fixed:
  • Issue in disabling the high availability configuration of integrated products from AD360.

Release notes for build 4217 (Mar 18,2019)

Issue Fixed:
  • Issue which failed to run automatic backup schedule if the PostgreSQL database version is 9.2 or lower.

Release notes for build 4216 (Mar 07,2019)

  • The SSL Certification Tool UI has been revamped for better usability.
Issues fixed:
  • Issue in accessing the integrated products from the Apps Pane when context-based reverse proxy is enabled.
  • Issue in enabling LDAP SSL.
  • Issue in configuring MS SQL database migration using a Windows domain account that doesn't have permission to access the selected SQL instance.

Release notes for build 4215 (Jan 17,2019)

  • MS SQL auto-backup: Now schedule automatic backup for the MS SQL database configured in AD360 and restore it as per your requirement.

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