AD360 build 4234 released with major enhancements

AD360 build 4234 released with major enhancements

Hello everyone!

We are pleased to announce the release of AD360's latest build, 4234. The highlights of this release are:

  • Load all the integrated components instantly: All of AD360's integrated components will now load automatically once you log into AD360. This saves the time spent waiting to load the components individually.
  • Reorder the components in apps pane: AD360 now gives you the option to reorder the components in the apps pane. You can simply drag and drop the components to the desired position.
  • JumpTo UI revamped: The featured components of AD360 are now organized into sections.
  • Revamped integration settings: The integration settings have been revamped to present the components in a simple, user-friendly fashion.
  • Improved downtime notifications: Downtime notifications will be sent to the admins if the product is down due to unexpected causes including out of memory errors or database access failures.
  • Support for Chinese (Traditional): AD360 can be now set up to use traditional Chinese as the user interface language.

How to update?
Update using the service pack.

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