AD360 4102 released

AD360 4102 released

Hello Everybody!

We are glad to announce the release of the latest build of AD360 - 4102. This update brings centralized database management, enhanced license module and some issue fixes.


  • Centralized database management: Change the database of any integrated component from AD360.
  • You can now choose to hide any component that you do not use from the dashboard, apps pane, and license module.


  • Enhanced license module: You can now apply the license to individual components and check the license application status from AD360 itself.

Issues Fixed

  • Issue in integration settings which failed to remove a component when it is down.
  • Startup issue when NTLM is enabled.


Existing Customers can upgrade to the latest build by downloading the AD360 service pack from the link below:

Get the complete new build from:

We have tried our best to incorporate your suggestions into the product and hope it is up to your liking. 

We eagerly look forward to your comments and feedback.


AD360 Team
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