2023: A feature retrospective

2023: A feature retrospective

In a transformative year of industry shifts, 2023 marked significant milestones for us at Analytics Plus. Here's our yearly roundup of a suite of new features, enhancements, integrations, and more.

1. Powerful integrations:

  • OpManager MSPGain complete insights into performance metrics, utilization, alarms, and more to streamline network management for multiple clients.
  • Key Manager Plus: Streamline SSH key and SSL management, enhance security, and optimize access to credentials. 
  • Google Analytics 4: Leverage insightful reports on web traffic KPIs, to effortlessly optimize SEO and SEM campaigns.
  • Nagios XIVisualize the entire IT infrastructure with detailed insights into network performance, system health, incident trends, infrastructure forecasts, and more.  
  • Ivanti NeuronsDrive continuous optimization of IT operations by evaluating key business objects such as incidents, changes, projects, releases, and more.
  • SplunkTransform complex machine-generated big data into insightful dashboards, simplifying the tracking and analysis of critical information from websites, applications, servers, networks, and mobile devices.
  • Freshdesk: Enhance help desk productivity by tracking key metrics such as ticket volume, response time, resolution time, and customer satisfaction.
  • Endpoint Central MSP: Efficiently track and gain in-depth insights into all managed devices in a unified view. 
  • Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP: Enhance security of mobile device management for multiple accounts from a unified console by accessing detailed insights on device usage, compliance, alerts, security incidents, and more.    

2. Enhancements to existing integrations

  • OpManager: Introduced support for URL Monitors, URL Performance Details, and URL Availability History modules.
  • SupportCenter Plus: Enhance customer support by delving deeper into reports on techperformance feedback, end user satisfaction, ticket closures, and more.


3. Additional data import options

Analytics Plus offers extended import options, providing seamless access to data from diverse sources. This includes Apache Derby local databases, Azure Data Lake (supporting containers, file shares, and tables), Microsoft Sharepoint, and a broader range of local and cloud databases, such as H2, CUBRID, HyperSQL, and SingleStore.


4. Incremental fetch for databases

Import only the new and updated records without fetching the entire dataset during subsequent synchronization cycles. This is especially beneficial for large datasets, optimizing the sync cycle, reducing load on databases and saves time. Click here to know more. 

5. Ask Zia: The smart assistant levels up!

  • Follow-up questions in Ask Zia: Zia now suggests follow-up questions in both normal and conversation modes, simplifying the process of analyzing the data in-depth.  


  • Embed Zia in intranet applications: Streamline workflow and interruption-free user experience by embedding Ask Zia in other IT apps without toggling between multiple apps.

  • Explain Data: Zia Insights helps identify significant changes or anomalies by providing detailed insights on specific data points in a report. 


  • Add Ask Zia-generated reports to dashboards: Now, effortlessly add Ask Zia-generated reports to dashboards by simply dragging and dropping them, offering seamless integration of natural language conversations and analytical insights.


6. Data-Model Diagram:

Analytics Plus now allows you to visualize relationships between the tables in a workspace through a detailed model diagram.

7. Query Table: Enhanced UI and innovative functions

Experience a revamped query table builder that prioritizes an enhanced user experience. This update also introduced support for new functions: converting column data type to percentage, currency, decision box, and positive number. Learn more.

8. Enriched geo-visualizations

Analytics Plus now supports seamless import of latitude and longitude data in DMS (degrees, minutes, and seconds) format. Additionally, it identifies Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 codes for country (e.g., US and USA for the United States of America) and state (e.g., NY for New York) as geo-data, enhancing its capabilities in recognizing geographical information. Learn more

9. Sleeker tabular views

Tabular views now display only populated rows and columns, eliminating empty grid cells for a more streamlined view. Additionally, the date-based user filter in tabular views can now filter by relative period, providing enhanced flexibility for your date-based filtering needs.

10. Enhanced dashboards with time slicer in timeline filters

Analytics Plus provides distinct sections for each date element—year, quarter, month, week, date, and hour, allowing you to display metrics for the desired period easily. Supports an infinite date range, providing flexibility and precision in filtering dashboard data. Click here to know more.


11. Export with a watermark

Analytics Plus introduced the ability to add watermarks to views when exporting as PDF files, providing a means to establish ownership and counter data theft. 

12. Image support for KPI widgets

You can now display images alongside your KPIs widgets on dashboards. This functionality accelerates information comprehension and elevates the overall aesthetic appeal of the dashboards. The auto-adjustment of image position based on text length ensures a seamless display, and you can also customize the image position as needed.

13. Visual enhancements to charts

Analytics Plus now offers enhanced chart options—Overview and Scroll effects—for better visualization of reports with larger data sets.

The overview effect adds a preview chart at the bottom of the visualization, enabling focused analysis by selecting specific data ranges. Additionally, dynamic scroll charts replace traditional filters in large datasets, providing a more interactive way to compare data by moving the slider or scroll bar.

Alongside the mentioned new features and integrations, we have also published a series of insightful collaterals aimed at improving IT operations. In case you missed them, here's a handpicked list of our top collaterals from 2023: 


 That's a wrap of all the top features of 2023. Stay tuned for exciting updates and innovations coming your way this year.

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