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            • Announcement on discontinuation of support for MSSQL server 2008

              Dear Users, This notification is relevant to customers having ServiceDesk Plus hosted on MSSQL server 2008 in their environment. To address several adversities, it is always a best practice in the technology industry to substitute old products with new
            • End-of-Life (EOL) Announcement for Change V1 APIs

              Dear users, ServiceDesk Plus V1 APIs for the change module will reach its end-of-life (EOL) on January 31, 2024. Moving forward, any upcoming releases will not have access to the V1 Change APIs. Impact: Any external products, web clients or desktop applications
            • [Free e-book] Beyond performance: A guide to measuring your IT technicians' skillsets

              We prioritize tracking and optimizing the performance of help desk technicians, but often fail to account for how closely performance is tied to technician skillsets. Identifying individual skill levels of technicians is vital in understanding and improving
            • ServiceDesk Plus 14500 Released !

              Dear Users, We're happy to announce that ServiceDesk Plus version 14500 is now available. The latest version introduces behaviour changes , new features and several enhancements to further improve your experience with ServiceDesk Plus. Change Module Enhancements
            • EOL of support to older Operating Systems

              Dear Users, Please upgrade your operating systems to the latest versions to ensure application security and uninterrupted and efficient performance, as newer features get added to the application. Note that over the next 3 months, we will progressively
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            • Unable to Migrate from Build 14500 to 14501

              We are unable to Migrate from Build 14500 to 14501 due to the following error message: How can we ensure the scheduled migration tasks are completed so the upgrade can proceed?
            • i cant change the backup password

              The Problem is that i cant change the backup password. Always appaer the next message:The backup is in progress. You can only save the configurations once it is completed. 3.- 14.3 Build 14306 4.- Database Server :PostgreSQL Server
            • Why ServiceDesk is wasting so much space?

              Really, we technicians are more interested in worklog details, problems description and so on, not in pretty white spaces. After some update I can't event view worklogs without hovering over them, and can't copy-paste! It's really annoyng. Here is the
            • Broken Global Search after upgrading to 14500 ServiceDesk Plus version.

              Hello, After upgrading from 14306 to 14500 ServiceDesk Plus version we've noticed that we cannot search requests with a global search, "Search across" and "Requests" -> "Default search" options do not give any search result. However, option "Requests"
            • Schedule Location path is not accessibleGiven location to scheduled reports is not accessible

              Good afternoon! Version 14.5 of Build 14500 added the ability to save a scheduled report to a network folder, but it doesn't work! An error appears: "Schedule Location path is not accessibleGiven location to scheduled reports is not accessible". Tried