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          • Deprecation of basic authentication in Microsoft Exchange Online

            Dear users, As you maybe aware, Microsoft has announced that it will start disabling basic authentication for Outlook, EWS, POP, IMAP, EAS, and RPS protocols in its Exchange Online effective October 1, 2022.
          • Upcoming End-of-Life of Request Admin V1 APIs

            Dear users, This announcement is to inform you that we have plans to process End-of-life (EOL) for Request Admin V1 APIs and Worklog V1 as a part of the 2022 Q3 release(Next SDP MSP major release). Post that release, any upcoming releases will not have
          • Upcoming EOL and Behavior changes of API in SDP MSP 13.0 release

            Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. This is a consolidated announcement about our upcoming EOL and Behavior changes of API in ServiceDesk Plus MSP (SDP MSP) 13.0 release. We are working on our next major release ServiceDesk Plus MSP - 13.0. This release
          • ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.6 - Build - 10609 Released

            Dear User(s) Greetings for the day. We released ServiceDesk Plus MSP - version 10.6 - Build - 10609. Please refer to the Migration path and the read me available to upgrade your SDP MSP instance. Please do the upgrade only in a test environment first
          • ManageEngine SupportCenter Plus version 11.0 - Build - 11024 released

            Dear User(s) We released SupportCenter Plus version 11.0 - Build - 11024. Please refer the Migration path table available here and upgrade to our latest build 11024. Enhancements: SCP-1547 : Option to include the Bcc field in the emails from SupportCenter
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          • What email commands are limited to a requester?

            This comment was in another question; "If the email is sent from the requester's email address, the requester can perform limited actions with the email command, such as creating." Is this documented anywhere to show the email commands available to a
          • PostgreSQL 10 End of Life Today

            PostgreSQL 10 is no longer supported as of today per Per My DevSecOps lead has reached out previously to get ahead of this and we were assured that ME would maintain use of supported DB versions.
          • Update to 10511 from 8.3

            Hi, I would like to know how to update the SDP from the build 8310 to 10511. I looked for the version I have in but I didn't find it.