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            • SD+ Cloud Roadmap is not accurate

              Hello Team, SD+ roadmap is not accurate, the team is just updating the dates but not the data. Last time it was updated on 11th Oct and today it's updated today but old features which was already released still showing as pending. Let us know how can
            • Custom Script to append an additional field onto the Subject

              I am trying to create a custom script that a form rule can use. It needs to take the value entered into one field and append it to the subject line. All my attempts end up with null being entered. This suggests to me that I am using the wrong variable
            • Update/Add to the My Summary Page

              It would be nice to be able to modify or add more items to the My Summary widget and to be able to see this widget anywhere, not just within the home module. It would be nice to customize and organize the request views by specific status instead. It would
            • Service Desk Plus - Cross Timezone Issue

              Hello everyone. I would like to raise this concern or issue if anyone encounter this kind of problem in logging in Service Desk Plus. It will display about Cross Timezone. I did my troubleshooting and issue still occurs. Troubleshooting -Adjust the correct
            • Time worked entry

              We are using hosted SD+ and our technicians really only use Notes and Resolutions. However, we want to track their time worked better. We tried the worklog way, but it seems convoluted??? My ultimate would be to enter time entry and on that same page: