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                        • Performance / Outage

                          It seems that every Monday for a few months now SDP Cloud has been very slow. Today I am getting error messages, blank page loads, and every other type of system issue you can imagine. Any performance or issue is not ideal, but for me, we have a major
                        • How to implement custom script cascading selections in Change Template?

                          when I add a New Service Form Rule , There is Excute Custom Script action to choose; But there is no in New Change Form Rule . why ? if I want a Custom Script in Change Template , how should I do ? thanks
                        • Another slow Monday

                          Anyone else noticing slowness, or is it just us? Our users are reporting slowness and various errors.
                        • Task Navigation Arrows

                          The Navigation arrows in Activities for Tasks does not appear to function. I have had a quick look through the settings and do not believe I have seen any options to change this. This is more of a quality-of-life issue/improvement as it would improve
                        • What does "Known Error" do?

                          I cant find anything in the help guides, but what does marking a problem as "known error" actually do? I cant seem to find any function, doesn't show is solutions/resolution, or as suggested for a user when creating a request. Thanks, Roy