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          • Multiple Domains (AAD and/or AD)

            Is there a way to import users from 2 different Active Directory or Azure Active Directory? For example, I want to import all of our users from Company "A" and Company "B" both are in different Tenants. We are able to do this with our current on-prem
          • DR Drill - Zoho EU and AU on 20 Nov 2022 and 27 Nov 2022

            Dear Customers,   We have planned to conduct our yearly DR Drill for Zoho EU(Europe) & AU(Australia) Services on 20 Nov 2022 and 27 Nov 2022 to ensure our DR Readiness in EU & AU Deployment. EU switch will happen in the morning and AU switch in the evening.This
          • ServiceDesk Plus Cloud: Irrevocable loss of inline images in certain ServiceDesk Plus Cloud modules

            Dear Customers, Inline images for certain modules of ServiceDesk Plus Cloud were irrevocably lost between Sept. 7th, 2022 and Sept. 10th, 2022 for certain customers. Impacted modules:  Request Notifications and Reply Solutions Tasks Problem   What went
          • Need ticket responses to show full thread

            Right now when a technician uses the reply function in the web interface the only portion that is e-mailed to the user is the most recent reply not the entire history. We would like the user to receive the entire history when we reply to a ticket, is
          • Software Suit with different manufacturer ?

            Hi Team, I want to create some software suits to count the installations. For example: Solidworks 2020. the SP03 is different with SP04, SP05. But they are the same software. i can't create a software suit to include them.   Any good advice? Thank y