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            • Overtime calculation

              Is there any way to calculate overtime for the ticket? We have work logs and also same timestamps duplicated in the ticket itself. I see there is no way to add overtime for work logs. Maybe there is a way to write a function that will calculate based
            • Rename Technician Field?

              Hi there- I am configuring our HR Help Desk instance of Manage Service Engine. Our employees are not accustomed to calling our HR Reps "Technicians" so I'm wondering if anyone has a Script they could share for renaming the Technician field to HR Rep?
            • Most efficient way to schedule multiple tickets

              Greetings, As the topic suggests, we are seeking a solution to efficiently generate tickets for 3pm on weekdays throughout the week or month. Although we could utilize maintenance module, we require all tickets to be prepared in advance. This way, the
            • Notify a task owner when the parent case has a new conversation update

              Hello, I have been trying to find a good way to update task owners if the parent case has an update in the conversation tab. We use Service request for when HR notifies us for a new hire. If HR updates the case, say the start date is now different. can
            • Default reply template in not working on mobile

              Hi, I would like to bring to your attention an issue that is crucial for our workflow. The reply templates are not available on mobile and even the default reply template is not being applied properly. Since our technicians are mostly out in the field