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                        • Invoking UpdateManager.bat ( upgrade tool ) after upgrading to 9400

                          Dear Users, If you plan to upgrade to a hotfix over 9400, invoking the UpdateManager.bat file ( in windows setup ) from ServiceDesk\bin directory will not invoke the UpdateManager tool. It is because the UpdateManager.bat file which internally invoke the UpdMgr.bat file has reference to older conf file location. To over come this, before invoking the UpdateManager.bat file, download the attached UpdMgr.bat or UpdMgr.bat.txt file and save it as UpdMgr.bat under the ServiceDesk\bin\scripts directory.
                        • Request Management - number of requests submitted per hour

                          Count of request inflow per hour - provides an insight on monthly opened incidents per hour. It provides you a quick determination on timeframe that received a large number of incidents. This information can then be used by an incident management administrator to determine if a particular department requires additional resources to efficiently manage the number of incidents. PGSQL: SELECT EXTRACT(YEAR FROM (to_timestamp(wo.createdtime/1000)::TIMESTAMP)) "created time",  CASE WHEN  EXTRACT(MONTH FROM
                        • End of Life Announcement for Microsoft Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online

                          Dear users, We would like to bring to your attention that Microsoft will retire their Exchange Web Services (EWS) for Exchange Online and Office 365 starting from October 1, 2026.
                        • [Tips & Tricks] Sending out custom notifications made easy.

                          Hello Folks, As a part of Request management, e-mail notifications help us notify users on important occurrences in a request. ServiceDesk Plus has default email notifications however we cannot have these notifications sent based on conditions. You might even need these notifications to go to a bunch of users. I hope this post helps you achieve this in the simplest way. In earlier versions, script-based custom triggers provided flexibility to send out custom notifications based on conditions. With
                        • [Tips & Tricks] Share requests to make your helpdesk process simpler and help your technicians be more efficient

                          Hello folks, HelpDesk technicians involve handling different kind of issues everyday. Most of the times, a request needs to be handled by different groups. For example, when a user reports a laptop issue, it could be an issue with hardware or software and so on. Unarguably, this request has to be worked on a collaborative effort and this can be very beneficial for technicians and for users as well. As the title suggests, ServiceDesk Plus has a feature that allows technicians to share requests with