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            • Problem installing Patch Manager 10.0.575 in Windows 11 or Windows Server 2019

              Good Morning everyone, I installed version 10.0.575 of Patch Manager, initially on a Windows Server 2019 server and had several problems. Tried on Windows 11 and also the same problems. Tried with a lower version and also the same problems In short, the
            • How to see what the agent is doing on a Windows server?

              Hello, I wanted to know how I can see what the agent is doing, my question is which agent log file tells me which patch it is installing. Sometimes, I don't know what the server is doing and I would like to know if it is actually applying a patch or doing
            • What does patch missing mean?

              Hello, I have a question why I have so many patches in the "missing" state, although most of the patches are installed automatically, there are some that are always in the missing state, I don't know if it is because there is an error when installing
            • Why does patching work sometimes quickly and sometimes it doesn't?

              Hello, we have a problem or doubt that has us very worried. Sometimes we need to send security patches to a particular server, for them we do a manual task and select the "fastest" options for this. The problem is that sometimes it works smoothly and
            • OS and Third-party Software Updates

              Hi Team, Can you please list the supporting OS and Third-Party List which can patched via Patch Manager Plus? Also, we need list of Updates (OS, Third-Party, Drivers or BIOS, Firmware) which are not supported or not able to patch by using Patch Manager