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                        • Generate reports with groups, policies and tasks

                          Hello, I would like to be able to make a report that indicates all the custom groups, all the policies and all the automatic tasks, with their relationships. The idea is to be able to see if there is any group, task or policy that is not associated with
                        • Patch Tuesday updates - April 2024

                          Good day, everyone! Here's a list of the updates released in this month's Patch Tuesday, New Security Bulletins 2024-04 Security Only Quality Update for Windows Server 2008 Systems (KB5036950) (ESU) 2024-04 Security Only Quality Update for Windows Server
                        • Generate HTML reports

                          Hello, I would like HTML reports to be generated and sent by email, but not as an attachment, but rather within the body of the email, so that I can quickly see the information and not be opening attachments.
                        • Technician available for Plans

                          Hi Team, We have a query regarding the plans with the Technician available with computer range. Can you please elaborate more about the technician available with range of computers? Do we get multiple technicians, if our computer counts increases? or
                        • Execute Script from Repository

                          Hi! Is there a way to execute a custom shell script from Patch Manager Plus repository on a Linux machine without patch deployment? I'm searching for a solution to make global adjustments on our Linux machines and I don't want to buy/install a new s