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                        • Deletion of audit records/events and impact on database

                          We are planning to change the setting 'Purge Resource Audit Records' in Password Manager, currently this is set for multiple years (1000+ days) and are going the set it to 366 days (1 year) for both resource and user audit. Wat will be the impact on the
                        • PMP does not start with java.lang.Exception

                          Hi PMP service does not start and when I check startup log there is just one line info java.lang.Exception: Exception during getConnection from pool Exception occurred during get connection from datasource what should I do?
                        • API to generate account reports

                          I request support in identifying the endpoint that returns a report similar to the inventory for user control.
                        • Password is not synchronized

                          Hello, I'm trying to add a local Password Manager Pro account. Instead of a password, she writes her login. After checking the password, the audit says “Password is not synchronized.” How can this problem be solved?