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          • VNC Configuration

            Hi, How do I configure VNC in PMP? when I try to login in resource the window close. In the resource I have a VNC Server installed with settings VNC Password, but i can't established the connection. what configuration I have to apply in PMP and resource?
          • Migrating PMP to new server

            Hi,  I am currently running PMP with SQL Express as its backend database. I will be decommissioning the current server soon and want to migrate to an upgraded Windows server using SQL 2016 (not express) as the backend database. I will also be implementing
          • Configuring HA with MSSQL

            Hi, I am trying to configure HA in my new PMP environment. PMP works find as a standalone. Below is what I am done and where I am stuck. - Install PMP in secondary mode on a second server - Generate and install SSL certificate on secondary server - Configure
          • Delete Multi User

            Does anyone know of a way to filter multi users, in my case <40, and delete them from Password Manager Pro all at once? PMP only allows me to check.
          • change directory recorded_files and rec

            Hi, How do I change directory recorded_files and rec to another location, for example in storage nas thanks for your help