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                        • Removing old Admin user

                          When we try to remove old admin users from password manager I go to delete the user and it fails. Under the audit report shows a error that User is required to approve the access control of the resources. I can't find anything that this admin user is
                        • PMP upgrade failed from 12401 to 12432

                          I perform an PMP upgrade from 12401 to 12432 and getting error while applying DB level changes and the process end with error occured. Post invocation in progress Applying DB Level Changes 60% Completed [|] Error Occured... Uninstalling post invocation
                        • What is the installation path of PMP on a Linux server?

                          The client needs to extract the logs folder
                        • How to migrate Password Manager Pro 12.4.0 to new Server

                          Hi Teams, Could you please provide me the actual steps to migrate Password Manager Pro 12.4.0 to a new server? Best Regards, Luis Montoya
                        • Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for Password Manager Pro

                          Is there a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) available or published for Password Manager Pro including components versions etc. per version/release of PMP? The topic of SBOM is getting more attention in security and of course it is possible to use tooling