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          • Problem with restoring a backup

            Hi, I have problem with restoring Password Manager on different server (I want to test If backup is working). I can see this message in logs: [com.adventnet.db.adapter.postgres.PostgresDBAdapter]|[WARNING]|[1]: Identifier [pgsql_identifiers.txt] file
          • Compatibility of Password Manager Pro with Windows Server 2023 on Gaming Desktop

            Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my gaming desktop [] to Windows Server 2023 and installed Password Manager Pro. However, I'm having some compatibility issues with the software. It doesn't seem to work properly
          • Account for change password

            Hi, my scenario is: - 1 host windows where PMP is installed - 6 host linux (centos7) to control user account password - all hosts are visible and stay in same net without any firewall. only connect throught switch. Since i can't use the root account (in
          • Sync password changes

            Hello everyone, I have PMP on premisse on my enviroment and im trying to sync all password changes of every account. For domain accounts we have no problems. In case of local accounts we could sync changes of the accs (locals) that are in the same server
          • Chrome extension no longer auto populates credentials

            I've used the Chrome extension for password manager pro for years. This week it stopped auto populating the username/password fields on sites. I can still manually copy/paste credentials from the extension though. Any tips? I've cleared my cache, and