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                        • Installation on Rocky9 linux

                          I've been trying to install PMP on Rocky 9.3 (with SELINUX enabled) but it does not work. 1) should it be installed as root ? under /root/ManageEngine/PMP/ ? Usually it's a bad idea to install under root but ok. You will have problems with permissions
                        • Automatic Password Rotation for Raritan PDU

                          I am trying to implement the automatic password rotation for a Raritan PDU but this is failing with errors, presumably with the SSH command sequence. First question, is there a way to view the logs to debug this? We have various other custom devices to
                        • Problem with API

                          I'm trying to use the API to enable/disable the RECORD_RDP_SESSIONS attribute for a user account. I've found that if I use the following; INPUT_DATA={"operation":{"Details":{"ACCOUNTNAME":"<acctname>","RECORD_RDP_SESSIONS":"true"}}} the setting correctly
                        • HA configuration

                          I am unable to setup HA currently. I try to check the status after following the guide on web, it just turn out loading icon and not respond at all. Through the developer tools, i can see that it is loading a file. And also it send
                        • java.sql.SQLException: The key is not encrypted using the specified decryptor.

                          We are getting the below error after patching windows, but nothing changed on our SQL server or PMP server. [10:40:48:180]|[05-08-2024]|[SYSERR]|[INFO]|[20]: Caused by: java.sql.SQLException: The key is not encrypted using the specified decryptor.| [10:40:48:180]|[05-08-2024]|[SYSERR]|[INFO]|[20]: