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          • store encription key in PMP!

            Hi, We need to savely store encription keys someware. My question is can we do that in PMP. I know we can store SSH keys but thats not the same. usualy these keys come in a file. Does PMP have a way to store and retrieve them?
          • Error upgrading PostgresDB while upgrading to 12000

            Hi, While upgrading to version 12000 from 11300, database upgrade script is failing with the following: Enter the patch file to install:/var/lib/ManageEngine/PMP/Patch/ManageEngine_PasswordManager_Pro_11300_11301_to_12000.ppm Pre Invocation in progress                                         
          • database superuser password behaviour changed

            Hi, in  Version 12.1 (12110) the following change has been implemented. Hereafter, the PostgreSQL superuser password will be auto-generated and encrypted for every new instance of Password Manager Pro and will be maintained in the 'database_params.conf'
          • getting registration prompt for user name and path to license path when trying to upgrade to PMP version is 12.1

            Hello all, I have upgraded PMP numerous times and has never gotten a  registration prompt before. When i am using updatemanager to install service pack now it takes me to registration screen asking me for username and license file path.
          • Password Manager Pro 9.1.0 won't start.

            Hello, We have installed a version 9.1.0 (build 9101) of Password Manager Pro in order to be able to re-import a database and upgrade with it on a new server. Unfortunately, after installation, the service remains in "start" and doesn't want to start