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              • update command for re-Installing agent don't work

                Hi, In the context of automating the deployment of the PMP agent. I realized that the "update" command of the AgentInstaller.exe executable was not fully working. The re-installation seems to run but in the end the agent is not authorized. While with
              • Folders in v12300

                Hello, do these folders as described below, do they only follow the particular user who creates them under only their own login, or if when users create folders, is it going to impact what everyone sees when they log in? Folders We have introduced - Folders
              • Problem with restoring a backup

                Hi, I have problem with restoring Password Manager on different server (I want to test If backup is working). I can see this message in logs: [com.adventnet.db.adapter.postgres.PostgresDBAdapter]|[WARNING]|[1]: Identifier [pgsql_identifiers.txt] file
              • Compatibility of Password Manager Pro with Windows Server 2023 on Gaming Desktop

                Hi everyone, I recently upgraded my gaming desktop [] to Windows Server 2023 and installed Password Manager Pro. However, I'm having some compatibility issues with the software. It doesn't seem to work properly
              • Access Control Report

                Hi, Is there a way to create a report for accounts that don't have access control rules set on the? For example, list all account called "Admin123" where no access control rule is set? We add on average 2-3 computer per week and at the moment I bulk select