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              • OAuth 2.0

                I upgraded to version 12.2 (12211) to utilize SMTP OAuth 2.0. Is there documentation in regard to configuring OAuth within PMP? I used the documentation for ServiceDesk Plus as a guideline and I believe I have it configured properly but I don't see a
              • Can we remove Patch folder?

                Hi, Patch folder takes up 5GB out of 6.45GB of total PMP folder size. It has version history since version 6.something, is it safe to remove at least part of it?
              • Password Manager Pro update

                Hello, Got this message in PMP "upgrade to build 12124 immediately. " I am unable to find this update on your website. Thank you, Frank Kirk
              • Unable to remove user from group

                Hi, I have a user group in Password Manager Pro from there I would like to remove single account, but when I try to do so options is greyed out and tooltip appears 'User is required to approve the access control of the resources.'. 1) How do I find where/which
              • PMP Password Reset on AS/400

                Is this still supported? I am testing the product with our iSeries platform. The functionality to connect to the AS/400 seems to work fine because it uses telnet. However, when attempting remote password reset it seems to be attempting to use ssh and