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            • Resources in More Than One Resource Group

              Hello is there a report, or a way to create a report, that shows resources and all the resource groups that they are part of? We are basically looking for resources shared with multiple groups.

              Unable to connect through rdp console session. There is not much to see in log. When i click the rdp console session, it open a new tab then close immediately. Need some assistance here.
            • Behavior of Import Users from Active Directory

              Hello, we use AD groups and "Import Users from Active Directory" feature in PMP. AD users are imported into PMP, on a schedule, into groups who then have resources shared to that group. The issue we are having is that disabled and deleted users in AD
            • Integration pmp webcon rest api

              Hello to everyone I try to integrate pmp witch webcon using rest api. In first step I try to get the resources owned and shared to a user. In pmp I create apiuser for exaple: user name: user1, host name: [place from I wat to ask pmp
            • Password Expiry - automated email alert

              I would like to know its possible to alert on passwords that should be rotated after lets say a 12 month period, i.e send an email to a owner of that account to change it