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            • User privilege based on Groups

              Hi Team, Right now in OPM, we have to provide users access based on "Business View" but it will be great if we can able to provide access users based on "Groups". Why I am asking such option in OPM: "Most of the organization having multiple teams in there
            • OpManager as Docker Images

              Wouldn't it be nice to have OpManager as Docker Image? Multi module installations are just a docker compose and DB is either a PostgreSQL container or external DB server, which can be configured via the docker file. Both installation and upgrade would
            • OpUtils switch ports

              Hi, currently testing OpUtils and noticed that I have certain Cisco switches that only show ports that are active, but all unused ports are missing. This makes a 48 port switch a 17 port switch in OPUtils. Is there a way to manually add the missing and
            • Downtime duration for other events

              Hello OpManager Team 2 years ago i wrote about Downtime duration data for notifications It was deployed some time ago - big thanks for that. But for now, this information only applies to device downtime. Could you please increase the scope of this feature