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            • OpManager Enterprise : Generic question for a begginer

              Hello everyone, I start with OPM, I hope to have your indulgence. I have a few questions and problems for which a little help would be appreciated. 1) My infrastructure has over 2,000 devices and I've been told that a probe should have no more than 1,000
            • OpManager is not updating the alert message to reflect the current free disk space value after the initial alert is triggered.

              Hello, I find this behavior of OpManager a bit troubling. Let's assume that I monitor the free space of a disk. I have set the limit at 15GB. Once my disk had 14GB and got the following message "free disk space in GB for C:/ is 14 GB threshold is 15 GB".
            • IPAM subnet auto-discovery

              Dear experts, OPUtils automatically scan new device for new subnets and add it to OPUtils subnet list, when OPManager add this new device to inventory. Please is it possible to disable this function? I want to add subnets in OPUtils manually only I found
            • Backup fails, yet, it didn't

              So I have some Palo Altos that I am monitoring and backing up, or should say it appears to backup as the configuration IS in NCM, but it shows the backup failed, backup status shows test credentials, however, testing shows it works, and manually doing
            • how can I get OpManager alerts\events in SCOM (2019)

              If we want to get alerts and events in SCOM from ManageEngine OpManager, do you have anything off the shelf or recommended api calls to get device info and or status so we can alerts in our SCOM dashboards