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          • Advance Report: Unable to export/download through operator user

            Hi Team, We have been created few customized reports through advance report option and given access to few operator users. The operator users can able view the reports but unable to export/download the reports. Please assist. Thanks Mostafiz
          • NCM HP Procurve 4000m Backup

            Hello.  I am hoping to get some direction/help on backing up old HP 4000m switch configs.  I have been successful with other 4104gl switches since they have the typical CLI interface.  The 4000m on the other hand is a menu based style.  I can get the
          • Delete multiple service down alarms because service is being uninstalled everywhere?

            Is there somewhere I can delete the monitoring of certain services in bulk, without removing the monitor entirely for that service (in Settings-Monitors-Windows Services)? We're uninstalling a product in phases that has several services attached to it.
          • SNMP polling for ifdiscardout AND ifdescription

            Hi - we're trying to pull off ifoutdiscards to track by interface. This is straightforward enough using a monitor, but only gives us the ifindex. How could we get OpManager to present ifoutdiscards along with the relevant interface name? Thank you.
          • Monitor Internet Access

            Hi all, Is it possible to set an alert to test the if OpManager can reach an external website? We have an issue with our firewall that we are currently diagnosing. It will sometimes cause all outbound Internet access to fail, but internal networks are