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                        • Push Notification

                          Hello, i upgrade my opmanager to build 12.8.248 and now push notification on my android sometime work sometime not. I install mobile application on my two android phone and have same issue.
                        • Regarding OPM using SNMPV3 to monitor anomalies in Cisco switches

                          Hello,OPM ver:12.6.121 i use smnpV3 to monitor Cisco sw C9200L-24P-4G。The voucher is displayed normally, but the model cannot be displayed properly. Using V1 is normal.
                        • TXT-files in Opmanager Agent directories caught as Malware in Defender EDR

                          Hi We are using Opmanager with Agents only on Windows Servers. We also utilizes the full Microsoft Defender suite, former Defender ATP, as EDR. We have received a high alert on Malware blocked on 1 Windows Server. The Service and the actual file both
                        • Display Name Reverting to DNS Every Discovery

                          I have configured display names for each device I have in OpManager, however, every time there is a re-discovery or discovery scheduled run the display names revert back to the DNS. Is there a way to stop this from happening, and configure what it decides
                        • Monitor Specific Disk

                          How we can monitor specific disk? Example monitor disk transfer rate for disk 2 only.