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          • IP Address Manager

            Hi ALL. I turn ON option "Reservation status of an IP Address is changed" with email notification. After it I receive same emails about Reservation status of IP of all reservations but these reservations were made many days ago and no changing were wit
          • BGP & OSPF Neighbor alerting

            I am trying to get Neighbor status alerts for both BGP and OSPF and the only information I can find are two posts dating back 9 and 12 years. Neither were helpful as the one refers to the other and links in the older one no longer exist or are outdated.
          • How to add multiple Windows services and associate them with multiple servers.

            Hello, I have a scenarios where I need to monitor Veeam related services for 1 or more servers. I know we can add single service and associate them with multiple servers but I want to know if there is a way to group all the Veeam* services and then associate
          • Monitoring Memory of NCS 5500

            Hi, I'm trying to monitor the memory of my NCS-5501-SE with the default performance monitors but when I add it it doesn't show me any information. I was investigating and came to the conclusion that I need to upload the CISCO-ENHANCED-MEMPOOL-MIB mib,
          • Unable to add DHCP server under OpUtils

            Tried to add DHCP server on IP management and receive "undefine" error message. Change the server name with full DNS name, with IP address but problem still persist. try to add this server using normal adding device under directory tab, its working as