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                        • Mobile Device Manager Plus - Free training series!

                          Join us on March 12 to 26, 2024, every Tuesday at 6:30 GMT and 11:30 EST for a free training session on ManageEngine's enterprise mobility management solution - Mobile Device Manager Plus! Here's what we'll cover each week: Week 1: Device Onboarding and
                        • Reminder to upgrade your 32- bit server installed machines

                          Hello MDM users! This post is a reminder to upgrade your 32- bit server installed machines soon. The deadline to migrate to the 64-bit server for Mobile Device Manager Plus & Mobile Device Manager Plus MSP is 1st January, 2024. The reason for us putting
                        • Join us at the Endpoint Central Workshop and get certified!

                          Hello Everyone, We would like to invite you to our Endpoint Central Workshop in Toronto on October 30. Organizations are always in pursuit of enhancing their systems and streamlining operations. Given your organization's utilization of Unified Endpoint
                        • Simplify BYOD Management with Apple User Enrollment in MDM

                          In today's digital age, companies are increasingly embracing the concept of a BYOD policy (Bring Your Own Device). By allowing employees to work on their personal devices, they are granted the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime. A big challenge
                        • Easier app update management with Mobile Device Manager Plus!

                          With Mobile Device Manager Plus, you can quickly create an 'App Update Policy' to roll out app updates using a schedule. You can set up the schedule exactly how your business wants it to be, to make sure updates reach devices at a specific frequency,
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                        • What is the current version and where are the Service Packs

                          Hi, I’m still new to this, so not sure if it’s me. I downloaded MDM Plus to run on-prem and its version 11.1.2401.3. When I look on the support pages, ass the service pack versions are for version 10.x. ‘Any idea when Service Packs for version 11.x will
                        • Delay in Seeing Apps in Newly Enrolled iPhones

                          It used to be when we would setup a new iPhone for a user the default apps for our company (about 19) would get "pushed" to the phone right after it is put into the profile group. But for the last few weeks, there is a significant delay before the default
                        • Patch-Folder

                          Hello, the Content of the Patch-Folder is getting out of hand. It takes more then 25gb on our system. Is there any way to clean up old patches?