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                        • [ManageEngine] Your free PST migration tool is here!

                          Introducing PST Migration Tool! This free tool allows you to export your Exchange and Office 365 mailbox contents to PST files, and import PST files in bulk to Office 365 mailboxes. Learn more.    Download Free Tool Suite 5.5.2    By downloading the free tool suite 5.5.2, you get access to the PST Migration Tool along with 19 other free tools that help in efficient Active Directory administration. If you are using the free tool suite version 5.5.1 or earlier, please download the latest version (5.5.2) to
                        • [Webinar] Tighten security against cyberthreats with multi-factor authentication (MFA).

                          The most common cause of a data breach is through stolen credentials. To defend your network, you require a secure strategy that stops unauthorized intrusions even if the hacker gets access to users' credentials. MFA is one such strategy as it adds additional layers of security to the authentication process.    In this webinar, Sreejith, our product expert will explain how you can fortify your network security with MFA using ADSelfService Plus. Date: Thursday, November 8 Time: 2:00 PM EST Register
                        • Active Directory Auditing and Security Webinar series 2018

                          Securing your Active Directory enterprise is paramount to a good security foundation against both internal and external attacks. The issue is knowing which configurations are most important and how to correctly secure these settings. In our four-part “Monitoring and Securing Active Directory” webinar series, we will dive into key aspects of how to ensure that your Active Directory is secure and stays secure. In order to get the full view of securing and monitoring Active Directory, we suggest you
                        • Free webinar: Top 5 critical alerts you need for IT security

                          The first step in detecting and responding to security threats is getting to know immediately when events of interest occur. Register for our free webinar "Top five critical alerts you need for IT security" to learn about the events you need to monitor in your network and how a SIEM (security information and event management) solution can alert you for these events to ensure security and compliance.  Register Now Date and Time: May 23rd, 11AM BST and 2 PM EDT  
                        • [Webinar] Active Directory Reporting for Administrators: Dynamic and Custom Reports

                          Hi, Wondering how to efficiently manage and secure Active Directory? Want to know the profound insights that only custom reports can provide? Join the live webinar on Active Directory Reporting for Administrators: Dynamic and Custom Reports, where Derek, AD MVP, will explain how need-specific customized AD reports would make AD management efficient and simple.   Register now   Date: March 22nd @ 2pm EDT In this webinar, you will learn:   • What MS reporting can do   • Where MS reporting falls short