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            • Unable to Migrate from Build 14500 to 14501

              We are unable to Migrate from Build 14500 to 14501 due to the following error message: How can we ensure the scheduled migration tasks are completed so the upgrade can proceed?
            • i cant change the backup password

              The Problem is that i cant change the backup password. Always appaer the next message:The backup is in progress. You can only save the configurations once it is completed. 3.- 14.3 Build 14306 4.- Database Server :PostgreSQL Server
            • Broken Global Search after upgrading to 14500 ServiceDesk Plus version.

              Hello, After upgrading from 14306 to 14500 ServiceDesk Plus version we've noticed that we cannot search requests with a global search, "Search across" and "Requests" -> "Default search" options do not give any search result. However, option "Requests"
            • ManageEngine - Using WildCard SSL Certificate when enabling trusted communication

              Prior to enabling 'Trusted Communication', because there doesn't seem to be an easy way back. I'd like to know if using a * SSL certificate, aka WildCard certificate will work without issue. The agents are already configured with: Server Name
            • Why ServiceDesk is wasting so much space?

              Really, we technicians are more interested in worklog details, problems description and so on, not in pretty white spaces. After some update I can't event view worklogs without hovering over them, and can't copy-paste! It's really annoyng. Here is the