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            • [Critical] ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer - Security advisory regarding unauthenticated product integration vulnerability.

              Dear Patrons,  We would like to inform you that the latest version of EventLog Analyzer, build 12136, fixes a critical security issue. Please go ahead and read about the issue and how to fix this issue in your deployment. What is the issue? EventLog Analyzer had a vulnerable endpoint (CVE-2020-24786) that allowed users to integrate their installation with other ManageEngine product installations, bypassing authentication. This could potentially lead to a data leak. Who are all affected? All users
            • Listen to our two-part expert podcast series featuring the Monopoly Man.

              Hello, We are pleased to announce the launch of our first-ever expert tech talk podcast series featuring renowned privacy expert, Ian Madrigal. Ian, popularly knows as the Monopoly Man, and Sid, our IT security expert, together have shared detailed insights on data privacy, compliance mandates, data breaches in the episodes.                                                                                                                                                            Tune in now In this
            • A big 'Thank You'. From all of us, to all of you!

              Hey folks, This Thanksgiving, we'd like to thank you all for being a part of the EventLog Analyzer community and for constantly supporting and motivating us to up our game. Here's a little something to let you know how much we value you: And before you kick-start this holiday season, on behalf of the entire EventLog Analyzer family, I'd like to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have lots of fun! You so deserve it!
            • Secure your cloud with this award-winning Log360 add-on.

              Hello, We're thrilled to announce that ManageEngine has been named the best cloud security vendor in the Tahawul Tech Future Security Awards held in Dubai. Our solution, Cloud Security Plus, was recognized for its comprehensive cloud security features. And here's more good news for those of you who are using Log360, our integrated SIEM solution: Cloud Security Plus can easily be integrated within Log360! Go ahead and try the product for free. If you like it, you can easily add it from your central
            • The latest version of EventLog Analyzer is out!

              EventLog Analyzer's Build 12100 released recently with a bunch of exciting features. Here are some of the highlights.  Customizable dashboard: The dashboard now has a range of customization options such as customizable widgets, data updates in real-time, and more. Advanced Threat Analytics: Crucial information on the severity of threats can be obtained when potentially malicious URLs, domains, and IP addresses intrude into the network. Enhanced archival process: The log archival process has been
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            • Mikrotik logs unreadable

              Hello, I add a Mikrotik in the syslog devices configuration, I get logs, but can't read them, I don't know if the configuration is wrong, I attach screenshot. Hope you can help me. Regards
            • Commnad Line Audit

              How do I audit Command Line through ELA?
            • Cannot obtain the SQL Logs

              I am encountering some issue while adding SQL Server or MySQL Server into Manage Engine Log Analyser and i may need your assistance on this. Before we dive into the issue, let me Explain the deployment structure so it will be more relevant to the issue