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                        • Force agent check in via cmd prompt or script

                          In the most recent updates of Endpoint Central, specifically EC Cloud, what is the method to force agent to check in and apply configurations? I understand one method is for end user to right click tray icon and select "apply configurations". Is there
                        • Last version of endpoint central

                          I would like to know how to find out what is the latest version of service packs available because I am not being notified of new versions. I had opened a ticket in the past and they had sistamted the problem but now it's happening again. I am stuck at
                        • agent_troubleshooting_tool

                          Hi, is there a way to use the agent_troubleshooting_tool as a commandline tool without displaying a gui. We want to find out agents not working by using the troubleshooting tool triggered by a GPO script reporting the results to a central text file on
                        • BitLocker Management

                          Hi, Trying to deploy BL to members of an AD group to simplify management. I have created a Static group with AD group. However said group won't show up under Policy Deployment
                        • Configuring AWS EC2 Endpoint Central server behind an ALB or NLB?

                          Has anyone successfully configured their Endpoint Central server behind an Application Load Balancer or Network Load Balancer? One of the reasons we'd like to use the ALB is for the simplified SSL management. The ALB takes care of the SSL cert, ACM automatically