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            • Add Wildcard SSL endpointcentral

              We bought a Wildcard SSL , with * do we still need to go through the three steps of the following guide? ] adding the SSL in the third step isnot enough?
            • Mac File Copy Operations not working

              I have EPC agents running on our Macs at work and I am trying to copy some files/security tokens(txt) via a Configuration in EPC, and doing a HTTP copy where you put the files in the config and have assigned this to a Mac computer as a target. The issue
            • Pre-Deployment Activity "Check for software"

              It is my impression that checking for software as a pre deployment activity, doesn't actually check for currently installed software. But it seems like it checks the last software inventory? Can you confirm that this behavior is true? If so, it seems
            • How to deply a file to computers?

              Hi, I need to deploy a certain file to a certain path to a group of linux computers. How do I achieve that?
            • Running the Agent Service with lower privilige?

              Hello, Currently, The UEMS Agent is installed and automatically executes in Local System account. We have a bunch of "Critical infrastructure" servers, which we maintain manually, were would like to get inventory etc from, but were the Agent should have