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                        • Issues with 11.3.2406.9

                          April 2024 Patching. Prior to updating to 11.3.2406.9 the initial batch of Cumulative updates for April were showing in the missing patches and are still showing correctly in the Missing Patches list. Since updating, ASPNet Core, .NET Runtime and 365
                        • What is the latest version of Endpoint Central? Feel like I have been on 11.2.2335.9 for months now?

                          I am seeing much newer versions (11.3.24xx.x) referenced in a few threads on the board here - what is the story with some having it and others (like me) not? Appreciate an update on this. Cheers B
                        • Agent occupying too much space

                          Greetings, One of my customers has an issue with his agents. They are occupying too much space, and has asked me if it's possible to move it to another disk so it doesn't saturate disk C:. The agent is currently 36GB. Is it normal? Thank you
                        • Change Domaincontroller settings without Webconsole

                          Hi together, is it possible to change the settings of the domain controller without the webconsole. I've demoted my old dc and i forgot to set the new information in endpoint central. Now i can't log in. I hope anyone can help me by my mistake Greeting
                        • Uninstalling Dell Support Assist

                          We have had a few issues with some Dell machines and Support Assist eating up memory and making machines unusable. I am looking to uninstall it through Endpoint Central but the only info I have found is 4 years old and does not seem to be valid any more,