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              • CVE-2022-47523

                So, the latest (.19) build of Endpoint Central says that it addresses CVE-2022-47523. However, neither NIST nor MITRE list Endpoint Central as an affected product on their pages for this CVE. So, what's the deal? Is this a vulnerability in EC, per the
              • Remote control issues on Cloud hosted version

                Hi, Not sure if anyone else has noticed, but it seems regardless of network, location and av enabled or not, we have been having a lot of intermittent issues with remote control, more often than not sessions wont initialize and just error out. Other times
              • Continuous running Configurations

                Do you all have the same problem with your continuous running configurations (folder operation, software deployment, all types) where the configuration is pointed to a target or targets (OU, Dynamic Group, OS Version etc.) That over time it will not pick
              • Manage Engine Support getting worse?

                We own about 7 different Manage Engine products. We are mostly happy with them, but has anyone else noticed support getting worse recently? I've opened numerous tickets for different products over the past few months, and many of them just disappear into
              • Endpoint Central Reports - Multiple Monitors

                Hello, Is it possible to run a report, either built-in or custom, showing which PCs have multiple monitors; three in my case? The Monitor item under the Inventory tab in the Computer details module knows that the PC has three monitors connected since