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          • Report on computers that don't have a specific service installed

            Hi Guys, I am looking to find computers that don't have a specific service installed. I ca generate one for computers that do have it. John.
          • File Folder Operations - Configuration to add file to AppData[backslash]Local

            I need help sending a file to ALL appdata\localfolders on every computer. This is what I'm currently using as the destination: $ProfilesDir\$DomainUserName\$APPDATA\Local\FOLDER\FILE So I need "file" to go to each location as specified in the example
          • What happened to the rename computer option?

            Hi ManageEngine, What happened to the rename computer option in the latest builds? We're slowly renaming all our devices so each time a tech was working on a computer they'd been instructed to use the rename option at the same time but now it's gone!
          • Requirements for EC agent deploymnet

            Hello, I'm analyzing the option to deploy the EC agent using the Scope of Management panel and I need to fully understand all the requirements for it to work correctly. After reading the product documentation I believe that I need the following: (WMI
          • Uninstalled Software still showing up in Device Asset inventory

            Hello, We have some software that has been completely removed from a device, including locally uninstalling it, removing all remnant files, and cleaning up the registry. I have exported the device's registry and triple checked that the software entries