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            • [New version released] Security updates and enhancements in ManageEngine DataSecurity Plus

              The latest version of DataSecurity Plus, 6070 is here! A host of security updates, features, and enhancements can now be accessed by upgrading to the latest version. Here's a little peek at what's new: Security updates in DataSecurity Plus: Fixes have
            • Vulnerability new update - ManageEngine Data Security Plus

              This post is a follow up for two high severity vulnerabilities (CVE- 2021-44228/CVE-2021-45046) reported in Apache and the recommended countermeasure to mitigate them (Replacing the old jar files with log4j files of v2.16). It is observed that there is
            • [Register Now] ManageEngine’s Active Directory & IT Security seminars are back in India

              Hello, We are delighted to announce that the our Active Directory & IT Security seminars are all set to take place in Mumbai on October 9 & New Delhi on October 11. Product experts from our ADSolutions team will present the best practices to secure your IT environment. This is the need of the hour as it will ensure that your environment does not fall prey to any of the rapidly rising, weirdly named and any unknown security threat lurking around the corner. They will also share pro tips to manage,
            • FileAudit Plus rolls out build 4300

              We are happy to announce the release of FileAudit Plus build 4300. The complete list of all new features, enhancements, and fixes is mentioned below. Please feel free to start a discussion in the comments if you want more information on any feature in the list. Service pack | Download 30-day free trial - Get to know FileAudit Plus Features FileAudit Plus now supports Windows Failover Cluster auditing. Generate new reports on-demand for junction points, network based open sessions, and open files.
            • Free webinar: Everything you need to know about ransomware

              WannaCry. Petya. Locky. These were some of the major ransomware attacks that affected organizations in 2017. Security experts believe we will see more large-scale ransomware attacks in 2018. Worried about ransomware hitting your enterprise? Join us for our webinar to learn: The basics of ransomware. The set of best practices that you can implement right away for mitigating the attack. How our real-time file server auditing solution can detect and shut down ransomware. Date and time: Feb 8th @ 2 PM