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                        • OAuth migration for outbound Zoho apps - Cliq, Desk, Projects, and SDP OD

                          As part of our security upgrade, we're migrating to OAuth from the existing AuthToken system of authentication for all the outbound Zoho apps that are integrated with AlarmsOne - Cliq, Desk, Projects, and SDP OD. It also applies for any Zoho application
                        • AlarmsOne | Updated pricing

                          Hi there, AlarmsOne's prices are being adjusted to align with the product's current capabilities. There are also changes in the free credits provided in the Basic and Premium plans. All price changes in this announcement are effective August 15, 2020. Existing subscriptions will follow the existing pricing plan till the next renewal. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions.   Cheers, AlarmsOne​
                        • Share alarms with your in-house apps using our custom outbound integration.

                          AlarmsOne has been allowing you to share alarms with your Help Desk, Team Collaboration, and Project Management tools to raise them as tickets, create bugs, and so on. To integrate with your in-house application and receive alarms from AlarmsOne, we have built a custom outbound integration. AlarmsOne's custom outbound API is a RESTful API that helps you send alarms from AlarmsOne to your custom application. Adding a custom outbound application is as easy as it gets. Follow the steps below and you're
                        • Improve incident resolution time using annotations.

                          AlarmsOne has added 'Annotation' using which you can add notes or comments about an alarm. Annotations can be added by all Admins and those technicians who are assigned to a particular alarm. To add annotation, open an alarm in AlarmsOne, go to Annotation tab, add the comment and click Submit.  Recent activity tab also shows the timeline of the annotations. Annotation has a character limit of 5000 characters and does not support special characters. Try 'annotation' now, talk about the alarm and improve
                        • Auto-remediate your incidents using AlarmsOne

                          AlarmsOne releases auto-remediation to help you prevent or fix known incidents automatically. Now you can define scripts to delete log files, clear disk memory, etc, and run them when alerts are triggered.  Auto-remediation actions are executed using an AlarmsOne agent that you need to install in your system. Click here to learn how to install the poller. Once it is installed, you can define the alert criteria and write the necessary script to trigger the required auto-remediation action when you