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            • [New Release] ADManager Plus' latest build 7183 with option to enable remote mailbox is now live!

              Hello everyone, We are glad to let you know that we have released the latest build of ADManager Plus, 7183. What's new: Important update: End of support for PostgresSQL 9.2.x: ADManager Plus will soon end support for PostgreSQL version 9.2. Please upgrade
            • can't get to web interface

              we use self-signed default ssl cert for our ADManager Plus. normally we have to click "advanced" and then "continue to this webpage" in chrome... but in the last few months the "continue to this webpage" doesn't appear in Chrome, but was working in Edge.
            • Workday Mappings

              Hey everyone, Is anyone using ADMP to integrate with Workday? We have been live with it for a little while but can't map the department field from Workday to AD. In WD the field is SupervisoryOrganisation which doesn't appear as an field in ADMP. I can't
            • ADManager Plus PGSQL Update

              The topic of upgrading PGSQL came up in a separate thread titled "AD Manager Plus Apache TomCat vulnerabilities". I wanted to start a separate thread for the detected vulnerability (CVE-2022-1552) in PGSQL 10.18 (Current version) and Manage Engine's plan
            • AD Manager Integration

              I cannot integrate our AD Manager to ServiceDesk Plus