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            • AD Manager -Reports / Groups / NTFS Reports / Permission for Folders - Can this work with DFS

              Hi, Our network folders are accessed using DFS, but this does not seem to be shown as a method to report on folder permissions. Is there a way to do this? Thanks!
            • AdManager Search user return disabled or expired status?

              I see the API to return an AD user at , though i seem to be unable to return the account status or expiry date when querying this endpoint. How do i fetch this information
            • Active Directory report based on 365 licence type

              Hello, Not sure I'm going about this the right way, or if it is possible. any help would be great :) I would like to create a report to use for an automation. The report should return users who: Are licenced with 365 Business Premium specifically That
            • Updating DepartmentNumber field

              Hi, We have a SAP SuccessFactor CSV export with details needed import ta AD. Automation is correctly configured and for new employees works without any problem. But for existing employees it does not update DepartmentNumber AD field after employee changes
            • Prioritize Rules Blank

              For some reason when I go into the User Creation Templates>Creation Rules>Prioritize Rules, the list of rules no longer appears. See below. Anyone else running into this issue? It worked fine last week. I've tried multiple browsers (Edge & Chrome) and