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                        • External mail adress

                          Hi there, we are using an external mail service which has no AD connection. We want to fill out the email address field in AD properties with AdManagerPlus. We want to do this with the AdManagerPlus mass change feature. But there I only can select the
                        • Automate Users Attributes

                          I want to automate a process where if a user is a member of a group it edits their user attributes. I can do this the opposite way (attributes add to group), but I'm having trouble the other way! I only see a CSV option? But that doesn't help me with
                        • ADID Creation

                          Hi is there anyway to create ADID by using following Policy. Last 5 digest of Last Name + First 01 diget of First Name + 03 Sequel Number Example User First Name : Saeed User Last Name : Ahmed ADID should be ahmeds001 if ahmeds001 already exist in AD
                        • Delegate to technician group

                          Hello, I've taken over the management of Ad Manager Plus in my company and I see that some access is given via AD groups. But when I add users to these groups, they don't automatically show up in AD Manager. What's more, I've tried to give other rights
                        • Office 365 update channel change

                          We're currently on the "current" channel for 365, is there a way to use EPC to change to the Monthly Enterprise or Semi-Annual channel?